IXACT Contact + TrackMyFile

An Integrated Real Estate Solution For the Management of Your Contacts
AND Transactions

IXACT Contact is a web-based contact management system that is amazingly easy to learn and use. With IXACT Contact, REALTORS® can convert more leads into listings, attract more referrals and repeat business, and manage more transactions than ever before.

TrackMyFile is a web-based transaction management and document file storage system. TrackMyFile helps REALTORS centralize transaction file details and documents securely online, collaborate online with all the parties involved in a transaction, and ensures accurate workflow and record keeping.

Integrating Best-in-Class

Individually, TrackMyFile and IXACT Contact are “best-in-class” solutions. Together, these two systems give you an end-to-end solution encompassing: real estate marketing, contact management, transaction management, and file storage. Capture leads, market to your database, and manage your transactions all online and all from anywhere.

Business Benefits

IXACT Contact helps you:

  • Market more easily and effectively to past clients,
    hot prospects and important referral sources.
  • Generate higher quality leads.
  • Build your contact database and broaden your
    Sphere of Influence.
  • Manage your business in a more organized and professional manner.
  • Build a referrals based business.

TrackMyFile helps you:

  • Collaborate with customers, service providers, vendors, and co-operative agents.
  • Stay organized so that you never miss critical dates or documents.
  • Ensure accurate workflow management and record keeping from offer to listing to close.
  • Reduce compliance risks and protect
    your interests.
  • Do all of the above from anywhere at any time.

Our integrated solution allows you to enter all your leads, past clients, properties, and listings in IXACT Contact. Once a listing is pending or sold, all the key information is transferred automatically into TrackMyFile where a new file is automatically created. No data re-entry, re-work or data duplication – it’s
all done for you!

Important Features

IXACT Contact

  • Integrated Contacts database, Calendar and
    Task List
  • Detailed Contact Profiles, categorization,
    and search
  • Smartphone Synchronization
    • iPhone, Android, BlackBerry
  • Powerful Email Marketing
    • Personalized, fully graphical
    • Automated drip campaigns
    • Library of Marketing Templates
    • Email Campaign Reporting
  • Automated Website Lead Capture
  • Mail Merged Letters and Envelopes
  • Teams can share single account
  • 100% Mac and iPad Compatible!


  • Digital Long-term File Storage
  • Collaboration with Customers, Service Providers
    and Vendors
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Convenient Drag and Drop Document Upload
  • Site Branding
  • Runs Great on Smartphones and Tablets
  • 98% of customers recommend us!

Learn More about TrackMyFile

Try IXACT Contact FREE for
5 weeks!

Your Free Trial includes:

  • Unlimited contacts + access to the complete system
  • FREE data upload
  • Smartphone wireless sync
  • Unlimited support

Free Trial

Try TrackMyFile FREE for
30 days!

Your Free Trial includes:

  • Unlimited transactions
  • Online training
  • Customizable checklists
  • Email, fax, drag & drop
    document upload
  • Dashboard overview

Linking Your IXACT Contact and TrackMyFile Accounts

  1. Ensure you have both an IXACT Contact AND a TrackMyFile account. Use the Free Trial signup links above to create the Free Trial accounts you need.
  2. Go to your IXACT Contact User Profile page, and under the “Add Services” section of the page, click “Link To TrackMyFile Account” and enter your login information. Then once a prospect becomes a client and you have a new pending listing, simply click the Create TrackMyFile File button in the Active Business listing page, and all the key information is transferred automatically into TrackMyFile where a new file is automatically created for your listing. No data re-entry, rework or data duplication – it’s all done for you!
  3. If you have questions, check out our Tutorial Video or contact Customer Support at 1.866.265.6990
    or support@ixactcontact.com.

Agents are raving about IXACT Contact and TrackMyFile...

“I’m very pleased with IXACT Contact. It’s a great system that helps me organize and manage my business!”

Laura Dumais

“TrackMyFile gives me more time to market myself!”

Paul Smith
Your Shortsale Solution

The IXACT Contact program is spectacular! It's intelligently thought out
and well designed. I love how simple and intuitive
it is.

Mark Agnew
RE/MAX Professionals Inc.

“Any time my agents or clients want to know what’s happening on their file all they have to do is log in.”

Valerie Tootle
REA Services

“I have never before experienced the level of support and commitment to the customer that I have received from IXACT Contact. What an amazing team.”

Jorge Branca
Century 21

TMF is fast, reliable, and effortless

Alma Gordon
Global Realty

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