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We get a lot of referrals. So it's no surprise that we give referrals too.

Through our work helping real estate professionals grow their businesses, we've allied strategically with the following companies who share our values of providing high quality products and programs, excellence in client service, and a commitment to helping REALTORS® become more successful.

Gary David HallGary David Hall
Real Estate Contact Manager Database Software & CRM "Broker". Gary David Hall became a Real Estate Agent in 1987, and has been in the industry ever since. Gary has been "in the trenches", and speaks your language. Gary's clients often qualify him as being able to teach so that they understand, without a lot of technical jargon. Gary is the acknowledged “guru” of real estate database and CRM systems.

NOTE: Gary David Hall’s Trans-Plans are also available on IXACT Contact. Trans-Plans are extremely comprehensive Real Estate Transaction Management plans for Listings and Closings. To purchase Trans-Plans or to learn more about them click here or call Gary directly at 215.345.5222.

Hobbs/Herder is founded on a single belief: real estate is a marketing business, not a selling business. To build and sustain a thriving real estate business, it’s essential that you Master Your Marketing. Hobbs/Herder provides agents with a game plan to create a dream real estate business that is rewarding both personally and financially.

NOTE: IXACT Contact has created a custom version of the system specifically for Hobbs/Herder clients. This custom version of IXACT Contact includes FIVE Hobbs/Herder Activity Plans and all the letter templates, PowerKards and Special Reports associated with those plans. The five Hobbs/Herder Activity Plans are:

  • 90 Day Plan
  • FSBOs Plan
  • Expireds Plan
  • Listing Service Plan
  • Client Hero Plan
To register for a FREE Trial of the Hobbs/Herder version of IXACT Contact, call Greg Herder at 1.800.999.6090.

Jennifer Allan-HagedornJennifer Allan-Hagedorn
Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn was a top producing real estate broker, and now a published author, a speaker and a trainer. She has written five books about the business of selling real estate, including her flagship book: Sell with Soul: Creating an Extraordinary Career in Real Estate without Losing Your Friends, Your Principles or Your Self-Respect. Her book shows new agents how to jumpstart their career so that they can experience success before they become discouraged and risk being just another real estate statistic.

NOTE: Jennifer’s unique Listing and Closing Activity Plans are included in IXACT Contact and available to all IXACT Contact subscribers.

Leaders EdgeLeaders Edge
As one of North America's premier real estate training companies, Leader's Edge Training has helped thousands of salespeople reach their full potential, earn more money and have better balance in their lives. Leader’s Edge Training programs draw on over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, as well as professional MBA and CGA business knowledge.

Morris Real Estate Marketing GroupMorris Real Estate Marketing Group
Morris Real Estate Marketing Group (Morris) provides marketing solutions that build referral and repeat business. The company’s “Community Marketing System” helps Realtors build their database. The “Referral Marketing System” is a turnkey system for generating more referrals and repeat business, in ever increasing numbers. As authors of The Referral and Repeat Marketing Book™, you could say Morris “wrote the book” on the subject!

Realstudio® Branding & Design helps Realtors develop an effective real estate brand and marketing strategy that creates customer loyalty and competitive differentiation. Realstudio’s Real-T Marketing offers an array of real estate marketing products that include branded websites, branded IXACT Contact email banners, branded presentation templates for the iPad, branded fold out brochures, branded feature sheet templates, and more. Realstudio delivers friendly and efficient customer service at reasonable rates.

RealSupport, Inc. is a team of experts known as Real Estate Virtual Assistants. RealSupport is dedicated to helping every client become a leading Realtor in their area by assisting with all aspects of marketing, lead generation, and transaction management. Blending creativity with technology, RealSupport provides customized service offerings for every agent’s unique requirements.

Richard Robbins International Inc. (RRi)Richard Robbins International Inc. (RRi)
RRi is a transformational sales and business coaching/training organization known worldwide for the expertise and passion of its founder, Richard Robbins. The company’s secret is its delivery. RRi knows that success is more than knowing what to do. It is doing what we often already know. Everyone is inspired to act by something — RRi’s job is to find that something in you.

TrackMyFile (TMF)TrackMyFile (TMF)
TrackMyFile is a web-based transaction management and document file storage system. TrackMyFile helps Realtors centralize transaction file details and documents securely online, collaborate online with all the parties involved in a transaction, and ensures accurate workflow and record keeping.

Individually, IXACT Contact and TrackMyFile are “best-in-class” solutions. We have integrated our two systems to give you an end-to-end solution encompassing contact management, transaction management, and file storage. To learn more about our integrated solution, click here.

Affiliate Program

Earn 25% Commission On IXACT Contact Sales

REALTORS® across North America are discovering the simplicity and ease-of-use of IXACT Contact – and LOVING IT!

Frustrated with the complexity and cost of traditional real estate contact management systems, REALTORS® are adopting IXACT Contact in ever growing numbers.

Help your clients grow a referrals based business and be better organized by introducing them to the fastest growing real estate CRM and marketing solution available today. And build yourself a healthy residual income in the process!

To learn more about our Affiliate Program, contact us at
1.866.665.0018 or info@ixactcontact.com.

There are many benefits of being an IXACT Contact Affiliate:

  • 25% affiliate commission
    • » Paid monthly, beginning with your first client, no cap or time limit
  • No upfront program fee or financial investment required
  • IXACT Contact handles the sales process, client billing and customer support
  • IXACT Contact ensures your success with sales and marketing support including:
    • » Free IXACT Contact account for personal use and sales demonstrations
    • » IXACT Contact user accounts for Brokers, Office Managers, and Training Managers
    • » Complete sales, marketing, and demo support

Who can qualify as an IXACT Contact Affiliate?

  • Real estate trainers, coaches, consultants, and speakers
  • Providers of complementary real estate products or services
  • Online marketers selling to real estate agents
  • Virtual assistants

Simply give us a call at 1.866.665.0018 or email us at info@ixactcontact.com and we’ll take it from there!

Referral Appreciation Program

Earn TWO FREE Months With Every Referral

We believe in rewarding people who recommend us.

As a valued client, we hope you are enjoying the ease-of-use and many business-building features of IXACT Contact. And if you are, we’d like to ask you to tell your colleagues about us.

Your referral means a lot to us, so for every referral you send our way that becomes a paying subscriber, we will reward you with TWO FREE MONTHS of IXACT Contact credited to your account.

Think about that — send six referrals our way and you could use IXACT Contact FREE for an entire year!

All you have to do is ask the people you refer to IXACT Contact to enter your name in the Referral field on the Free Trial Signup page. It’s that easy!

Alternately, you can phone us at 416 256-5011 or email us at sales@ixactcontact.com with the names of the people you have referred.

To help your colleagues learn more about IXACT Contact, or to sign up for their FREE 5-Week Trial, simply direct them to www.ixactcontact.com and be sure to remind them to enter your name in the Referral field.

For full Terms and Conditions click here.

Thank you for your continued business and support!

IXACT Contact is simple to learn and easy to use. It will help you to implement the Hobbs/Herder marketing process and to systematize your business. Sign up for IXACT Contact now. You’ll be glad you did!

Greg Herder

I've gotten rave reviews from the agents I've sent to IXACT Contact, so I feel pretty good recommending it to anyone who doesn't yet have a contact management solution they're happy with.

Jennifer Allan Hagedorn
Sell With Soul

I’m VERY impressed. IXACT Contact does exactly what we teach our students to do regarding contact management and it includes almost every feature agents could possibly need in a user-friendly format. Congratulations on a superior product!

Tina Leader
Leaders Edge Training

I strongly endorse IXACT Contact and encourage you to try it. In fact, I believe so strongly in the positive impact IXACT Contact can have on your success that I have made it an integral component of my Masters Edge Real Estate Training Program.

Richard Robbins
Masters Edge Real Estate
Training Program

Thanks to IXACT Contact I had my best month ever… closed almost $1.4m!

Jim Martin
Prudential Home Services Group

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