Real Estate Contact Management Pricing

IXACT Contact Pricing

No matter what, with our real estate contact management system your first 5 weeks are always FREE. Once the IXACT Contact free trial period expires and your subscription automatically begins, you’ll get all the business-building benefits of IXACT Contact for just $34.95 per month, or $377.46 per annum if you selected the annual payment plan with
10% discount.

There's no contract required with IXACT Contact and you can cancel at any time without penalty.

Start your IXACT Contact free trial today!

Smartphone Wireless Synchronization

Smartphone Wireless Synchronization is FREE as part of our mobile real estate CRM. There’s no setup or license fee and no monthly fee.

Monthly e-Newsletters

ARE FREE! Every month a complete real estate e-Newsletter is uploaded into your IXACT Contact account at no additional charge. All our monthly e-Newsletters are professionally designed and written by real estate marketing experts to position you as the authority on real estate. To view a sample e-Newsletter click here.

Mass Emails

IXACT Contact gives you 2,500 FREE mass emails every month. However, there’s NO LIMIT on the number of emails that you can send each month. Should you need more than the 2,500 FREE mass emails, you can bulk purchase additional mass emails that never expire and can be used whenever needed. For bulk purchase options click here.

Purchased emails never expire and you can use them whenever you like.

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Smaller Teams
For smaller teams of two or three people, IXACT Contact is a simple cost-effective solution. By sharing a single account at just $34.95 per month, multiple team members can access the system simultaneously on different computers, and even sync everyone’s smartphone to the database.

Larger Teams
Larger teams of four or more people have an entirely different set of requirements. The Teams version of IXACT Contact gives your team the flexibility and control to manage all aspects of your business and marketing, while still being easy enough for everyone to learn and use. The monthly fee for Team Leaders is $34.95, while Team Members are $24.95 per month, and both include 2,500 free mass emails every month.

Learn more about our shared real estate crm.

Only $34.95 per month after Free Trial ends. No contract required.

Rookie REALTORS® click here to get IXACT Contact FREE for SIX MONTHS!

Questions? Call 1.866.665.0018 or email info@ixactcontact.com.

Bulk Purchase Options Pricing Table

# of Emails Total Cost Cost Per Email
2,500 $20.00 $0.008
5,000 $30.00 $0.006
10,000 $50.00 $0.005


IXACT Contact is easy to use and allows you to keep in touch with your clients without spending a lot of time doing it. The support staff at IXACT Contact is helpful and always willing to share ways to assist you in using the program more efficiently. My only regret is I did not know about IXACT Contact sooner!

Judy Wilson
Sutton Group

Make sure that you sign up for the wireless synchronization. Works better than any other program I've used. It is like having IXACT Contact in the palm of your hand... great for staying on top of your appointments and tasks while you are mobile!

Scott Sklare
Preferred Realty Group

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