IXACT Recruiter™

IXACT Recruiter™ is a real estate specific agent recruiting CRM and marketing system that makes it easy to stay in touch and build relationships with your recruiting prospects. It includes all the features you'd expect in a leading real estate recruiting system from advanced contact management to powerful email marketing, including a done-for-you monthly e-Newsletter. Read on to learn more.

A Robust Contact Management System that Puts You in Control

IXACT Recruiter™ is a next generation recruiting CRM system that includes important contact management features such as:

  • Rich Contact Profiles with social intelligence, categorization, and search.
  • A Robust Calendar and Task List with automated reminders.
  • Wireless synch with smartphones, Google Apps, Outlook, and more.
  • A Full Suite of Reports.
  • A special version for recruiting teams.

An e-Newsletter that Gets Agents Talking

Designed to set you apart as a broker and company of choice for agents today, IXACT Recruiter™ includes a monthly e-Newsletter that features high-interest articles your prospective recruits will be eager to read. In fact, they’ll look forward to each and every issue and will share it with their colleagues. That’s the kind of buzz-worthy sharing that wins agents over.

The e-Newsletter is professionally designed and written and includes three articles every month. The content is always fresh; never recycled. You can set-it-and-forget-it, or customize any edition in any way you like including deleting articles we provide and adding articles of your own.

Automated Drip Email Recruiting Campaigns

Do you want to get the attention of the top agents in your area? Reach potential new agents from other industries? Tap into the high-tech demographic of Millennials? Reach out to struggling agents eager for a change? Our strategically written, automated email campaigns will get the job done for you.

Use our automated email recruiting campaigns to target every type of prospect. Use each letter as is, or customize with your own information and personality.

Personalized Mass Emailing

Easily create your own custom, “mail merged” mass emails to send to prospective recruits. This is an ideal way to reach them with timely information such as brokerage achievements and upcoming events.

Email marketing through IXACT Recruiter™ is branded with your personal email header and signature, and unlike other recruiting CRMs, there are no limits on email distribution list or monthly volume.

Email Campaign Reporting

Our detailed campaign reporting allows you to identify the contacts that are reading your emails and are becoming interested in you and your organization.

With each e-Newsletter and mass email you send, you will know who opened it, when they opened it, and what links they clicked to open.

This valuable information allows you to measure your engagement with your prospective recruits and shift gears when necessary to stay top of mind and capture the attention and interest of each individual.

Automated Lead Capture and Nurturing

With Automated Lead Capture, all your recruiting leads are transferred automatically into your IXACT Recruiter™ database. Whenever you get a new lead, you’ll receive an immediate email alert so you can respond quickly and connect with the agent before your competition.

You can assign new leads to a pre-defined group and/or drip email campaign for automated lead nurturing. New leads can also be auto-assigned to your monthly e-Newsletter. Automated lead capture and nurturing is just one of many features that make IXACT Recruiter™ the best recruiting CRM.

Recruiting Website (Coming Soon)

To attract the right agents to your brokerage, you need a recruiting website that tells your story and makes you stand out from your competition. IXACT Contact is currently working on a recruiting website solution that will be fully responsive, customizable, easy to implement, and inexpensive. Our recruiting website will be tightly integrated with IXACT Recruiter™, but will be an additional fee. Expected launch timeframe is the middle of 2018. To be notified when our recruiting website is in beta test, email rich.gaasenbeek@ixactcontact.com.

IXACT Recruiter™ is just $85/month (billed annually) for individuals and recruiting team leaders, and $38/month (billed annually) for recruiting team members, and everyone starts with a FREE 5-week Trial. Why pay many hundreds or even thousands a month for a recruiting CRM when IXACT Recruiter gives you everything you need at a fraction of the cost?

To learn more or to sign up for an IXACT Recruiter™ free trial account, contact us at 1.866.665.0018 | info@ixactcontact.com