3 Reasons to Choose a Real Estate Specific CRM

real estate CRM

Real estate has been, and always will be, a profession built on relationships. However, the way in which these relationships are managed and nurtured has evolved. Gone are the days of flipping through your rolodex or a jumbled collection of business cards to find new clients. Nearly every top real estate agent today uses some form of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution in their business.

But not all CRM solutions are created equal, and selecting the wrong one can hinder, rather than grow, your business. The real estate industry has its own set of unique requirements when it comes to building client relationships. Therefore, agents and brokerage firms should be using a CRM solution purpose-built for the real estate industry. Here are 3 compelling reasons why:

  1. Organize Your Data in Meaningful Ways

Most successful real estate agents have multiple lead generation streams. You likely build your contacts from your sphere of influence (SOI), website inquiries, social media networks, direct mail campaigns, list building activities, and more. A real estate CRM solution organizes and segments these contacts, to help build relationships with past clients, hot prospects and important referral sources.

A good CRM solution also acts like a personal marketing assistant, helping you stay on top of daily tasks that build your professional image. Features like keep in touch reminders, automated lead nurturing, and listing and closing activity plans ensure you never miss an opportunity to connect with your clients. Your CRM solution should also be mobile-friendly, so you can run your business from anywhere, on any device.

  1. Reach the Right People at the Right Time (with the Right Message)

A real estate CRM lets you upload all of the “intel” you have about a prospect, so you can personalize your services and communications. Upload things like a client’s area or neighborhood of interest, types of homes they are looking for, price range, desired number of bedrooms, and even preferences like carpet vs. hardwood floors. Every detail you capture can be used to segment your contacts and ensure you’re reaching the right people, at the right time, with the right message.

Don’t forget about your past clients and referral sources too. According to the 2015 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 88% of buyers said they would use their agent again or recommend them to others. Yet only 12% of repeat buyers actually use their previous agent. Why? Because people don’t buy homes very often, and years can pass in between. Staying in touch is an important part of staying top of mind. A few “touches” each year could be all you need to reignite a conversation or win a new listing. A leading real estate CRM will track things like a client’s birthday, home purchase anniversary, mortgage details, referral history, and much more to ensure your touchpoints are personalized and memorable.

  1. Position Yourself as a Thought Leader

Successful real estate agents don’t just send “check-in” emails to their database; they become industry thought leaders that their clients grow to trust. A good CRM solution will help you establish this authority by providing a fresh stream of quality content that can be used in your marketing efforts. We’re talking articles from reputable sources, such as The Globe and Mail, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post. Agents can use these articles in their e-newsletters, on their website or blog, or share them on social media, all from within the CRM.

Build Stronger Relationships with a Real Estate CRM

Buying and selling will always hinge on emotional factors and in-person relationships. However, real estate agents have the opportunity to become better facilitators by adopting new technologies that save time, help maintain old relationships, and build new ones. For this to happen, agents need to be working with a CRM solution purpose-built for the real estate industry.

At the end of the day, you want to ensure you’re providing the best service to your clients and meeting their needs. Your CRM provider should be no different.

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