The #1 Email Marketing Mistake Made by Real Estate Agents

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An effective real estate email campaign isn’t rocket science! It takes an organized lead database, good message content, compelling subject lines, solid marketing strategies and consistent effort. Of course, it helps tremendously if you have an excellent CRM for real estate! However, even with all of these things in place, agents can struggle with lead […]

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Power-Up Your Real Estate Email Marketing

real estate email marketing

Effective real estate email marketing is more than a single campaign – it’s the heart of your online marketing strategy. We recently found some great tips from Inc. magazine that explain how to power up your email marketing and improve your database! We’re sharing the highlights here, along with our own insights for real estate […]

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4 Email Mistakes Real Estate Agents Should Avoid

Most real estate agents understand the need for effective email marketing, but some struggle with creating the right messages. Others make the mistake of saturating their audience with too many emails, which leads to opt-outs, spam flags and poor open rates. Here’s 4 common email marketing mistakes for real estate agents to avoid! 1. Sending […]

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Why Email Marketing Works for Real Estate Agents

Finding cost-effective marketing solutions is a priority for real estate agents. And with ever-growing advertising options available, it’s tempting to throw money around and see what works. Yet this type of random marketing experiment rarely brings results. The fact is, you can save time and money by using the proven power of email marketing with […]

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Using Email to Leverage Your Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Real estate agents invest time and money in their Agent websites, social media pages and CRM software, but they may not realize how to tie these efforts together! A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine revealed why email should be at the center of your real estate marketing marketing. We’re sharing the highlights, along with our suggestions […]

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5 Email Security Tips for Real Estate Agents

email security

Real estate agents are good at multi-tasking on the fly! But the fast-paced, mobile nature of your career means that your email security could be at risk. To help you, we’re sharing some email security tips from Inc. magazine, along with suggestions of our own! 1. There’s no such thing as truly private email. All […]

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