Why Your Prospecting May Not be Working

Why your real estate prospecting might not be workingBelow is a great post by real estate sales coach, Bruce Keith.  When it comes to prospecting, you need to be doing it right. Use your real estate contact management system to remind you when to make your daily, weekly, and quarterly calls. And when it comes to saying the right things during these calls, you’ll be able to quickly see what you spoke about with the prospect last and have a key talking points handed to you!

Enjoy the article:

Periodically someone will say to me, “This prospecting is not working.” This conclusion usually comes from an individual who in their own mind has been working hard and not getting enough results to make it “worth my while”. It is at this point that as a business and sales coach it is my job to come up with some answers. Let’s look at this dilemma right from the start.

One of the basic Laws of Sales that we need to accept is the Law of Contacts. It is pretty simple and goes like this: “When done properly, the more contacts you make the more sales you will get.” Obviously the key to this law is the “done properly” part.

Essentially, selling is a numbers game. The more people you talk to, the more sales you will make. The challenge is that if it was that simple, all you would have to do is stand on a street corner and talk to people and you would make a fortune.

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