Our Contact Management System for REALTORS®

IXACT Contact is Three Systems in One Integrated Solution

  1. A comprehensive Real Estate CRM
  2. A powerful Email Marketing Platform
  3. A Monthly e-Newsletter that's complete and ready to send

All easy to learn and use. All for just $34.95 per month, no contract required.

Comprehensive Realtor CRM

contact management system for realtorsIXACT Contact’s web-based Realtor CRM makes it easy to keep in touch, helping you build lasting relationships with past clients, hot prospects, and important referral sources. The contact management system for realtors also helps you manage all your transactions, keeping you organized and in control.

IXACT Contact includes all the features you'd expect in a leading real estate CRM including:

  • Rich Contact Profiles, categorization, and search
  • Detailed Contact History including automated Email Correspondence Capture
  • A robust Calendar and Task List with appointment and task reminders
  • Real estate marketing templates
  • Easy mail merge functionality
  • An Active Business area for managing all your transactions: listing details, key dates, related parties, showings, documents, and more
  • Listing and Closing Activity Plans
  • A dedicated Business Directory for service providers
  • A full suite of pre-built Reports

With IXACT Contact, our Realtor CRM, you can convert more leads into listings, attract more referrals and repeat business, and manage more transactions than ever before.

Hear how Keith Roy puts IXACT Contact to work in his business.

Powerful Email Marketing Platform

contact management software for realtors
With the powerful email marketing capabilities integrated into our contact management system for realtors you can send branded email communications that are personalized and fully graphical. There's no limit to the size of your mass emails, or how many emails you can send in a month. You can create your own mass emails or leverage one of our many email templates including Just Listed/Just Sold e-Cards, Just Listed/Just Sold e-Flyers, and e-Newsletters.

You can even automate much of your prospecting and keep in touch communications using Activity Plans and drip email. And best of all, our powerful Email Campaign Reporting shows you who opened your email and who clicked on the hyperlinks in your email, helping you identify the hot leads within your database.

Monthly e-Newsletter, Complete and Ready to Send

contact management for realtorsIXACT Contact customers also receive a monthly e-Newsletter added to their database at the beginning of every month. This is a complete e-Newsletter professionally designed and written by real estate marketing experts to position you as the authority on real estate. It's a fast and effective way to stay in touch with everyone in your real estate CRM database.

See a sample e-Newsletter.

Hear how Kylene Shannon benefits from IXACT Contact's
monthly e-Newsletter.

Why pay for three separate systems when you can get all three in one Realtor CRM for just $34.95 per month?

Learn more about each feature of our Realtor contact management system:

Contact Profiles & Groups

You need more than just a contact name and address to build lasting relationships. You need a Realtor Contact Management System.

Click on Image to Enlarge

In Contact Profiles you can keep track of home and work addresses, occupations, email addresses, cell numbers, birthdays, family members, hobbies, special interests, mortgage details, lead sources and referrals.

Create contact Groups to separate prospects from clients, define your A List and B List, or identify everyone in your database who's a former colleague or part of your church community for a specific marketing message. You can assign contacts to multiple Groups, and you can search and filter your contact database in a variety of powerful ways.

To view our Tutorial Video on contact groups click here.
To see how contacts can be searched and filtered click here.
To learn how to track and leverage referrals click here.
Client Keep In Touch Dashboard

Our Keep In Touch Dashboard makes it easy to see and manage all your keep in touch activities.

Click on Image to Enlarge

For every contact in your database, you can see at a glance all the one-on-one activities and group events you have planned, plus any marketing Activity Plans you have assigned to that contact.

Our unique Keep in Touch “Dashboard” pulls contact-related information from your Calendar and Task List into one easy-to-mange page.

To learn more about creating keep in touch events for individual contacts
click here.
Monthly e-Newsletter

With our monthly e-Newsletter, keeping in touch with everyone in your database has never been easier!

Our monthly e-Newsletter is professionally designed and written to make you look like the real estate professional
you are!

It gives you a new and unique way of keeping in touch with everyone in your database.

And best of all, it's amazingly easy to set up and use – you can literally “set it and forget it!”

We do all the work of coming up with new topics every month, writing compelling articles, and designing each newsletter to look attractive and professional, while you enjoy all the benefits.

The monthly e-Newsletter is complete and ready to send. You can use it exactly as is or you can customize it with your own branded email header and personalized message.

As is, or customized – the choice is yours.

To see a sample e-Newsletter click here.

To learn more about setting up your monthly e-Newsletter click here.
Mass Emails

Email is a powerful marketing tool, but it must be done right to
be effective.

With our powerful real estate email marketing capabilities, you can send branded email communications that are personalized and fully graphical.

There's no limit to the size of your mass emails, or how
many emails you can send in
a month.

You can create your own mass emails or leverage one of our many email templates including Just Listed/Just Sold e-Cards, Just Listed/Just Sold e-Flyers, and e-Newsletters.

You can even automate much of your prospecting and keep in touch communications using Activity Plans and drip email.

And best of all, our powerful Email Campaign Reporting shows you who opened your email and who clicked on the hyperlinks in your email, helping you identify the hot leads within your database.

To take a closer look at our Mass Email capabilities click here.
Automated Email Campaigns

With our pre-defined email marketing campaigns (Activity Plans) you can put your marketing communications on auto-pilot.

Take your keep in touch activities to a whole new level with our automated email marketing campaigns (also called Activity Plans).

Select the marketing campaign that works best for every contact, whether a new lead, hot prospect or long-time client.

Our library of strategically written emails and letters will differentiate you from the crowd.

You can use our marketing plans as is, customize them to your needs, or create your own from scratch. With marketing Activity Plans, you'll never lose touch with another client again!

To learn more about creating and assigning Marketing Activity Plans
click here.
Email Campaign Reporting

Our powerful Email Campaign Reporting shows you the hot leads within your database.

Click on Image to Enlarge

Mass Email Campaign Reporting takes the guesswork out of email marketing!

It lets you view statistics on your email campaigns including open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, etc.

It also shows you who's opening your emails and who isn't, who's clicking on hyperlinks, and who's forwarding your emails on to others.

Email Campaign Reporting identifies the hot leads in your database that are reading and clicking on your email marketing.

To learn more about Email Campaign Reporting click here.
Letters & Labels

Sending personalized mail merged letters to your prospects and clients has never been easier.

Click on Image to Enlarge

With Letters and Labels you just pick the appropriate layout for your own letterhead, write your message, and then select the recipients from your
contact list.

Personalized letters for each of your contacts are automatically created and ready to print on your letterhead, along with the corresponding envelopes or address labels.

Letters are fully graphical so you can include images and pictures.

You can also create mailing labels for newsletters and other communications just as easily.

To see how easy it is to create mail merged letters and labels click here.
Marketing Events

Our Global Keep In Touch function makes it easy to plan and manage all your marketing events so you never miss an opportunity to connect with prospects and clients.

You can set up and manage your client events such as Seminars, BBQ's, Movie Day, etc. You can create a communication schedule that automatically prompts you when newsletters, emails and other things need to be sent — and to whom. An event or communication can be scheduled for all your contacts, or just for those that meet certain criteria.

To see how easy it is to create and manage marketing events click here.

Click on Image to Enlarge
Business Directory

When clients know they can call you for help, they become more loyal.

The Business Directory is your list of professionals and companies — contractors, designers, cleaners, florists, math tutors, furniture stores, appliance installers, and more — that you can recommend when asked. In addition, these businesses will be more inclined to return the favour and recommend you to their clients.

To see how easy it is to create your own Business Directory
click here.

Click on Image to Enlarge
Buyer & Seller Management

When you're effectively managing your buyers and sellers, you're more proactive, organized, and in control.

Click on Image to Enlarge

You can easily generate service reports, schedule appointment and task reminders, list property details and related parties, record closing and other key dates, upload and store documents, record showings information, manage offers, track commissions, and much more. What a time-saver!

To learn more about our Active Business functionality
click here.

For advanced transaction management capabilities including online team collaboration, and automated transaction workflow, IXACT Contact has created a strategic alliance with TrackMyFile. For further information on this integrated solution click here.
Listing & Closing Activity Plans

Our Activity Plans for listings and closings keep you in control no matter how much business you have.

When you have a lot of listings and closing on the go, things can get crazy. There's so much to remember and so much to do, it's easy for things to fall through the cracks.

Our listing and closing Activity Plans help you manage all the key steps throughout these processes, keeping you organized – and sane.

In addition to providing our own Activity Plans, we also include Activity Plans created by real estate sales expert and author Jennifer Allan Hagedorn.

For the ultimate in Activity Plans you can even get real estate CRM guru Gary David Hall's renowned Trans-Plans for IXACT Contact.

You can use our Activity Plans as is, customize them to your needs, or create your own from scratch.

With listing and closing Activity Plans, you'll never miss an important deadline or commitment again!

To learn more about creating and assigning listing and closing Activity Plans
click here.
Wireless Sync

Want to sync with your smartphone, iPad/tablet, Google Apps, MS Outlook, and/or Apple Contacts & Calendar?

IXACT Contact's mobile contact management software syncs with the native address book, calendar and task list built into your smartphone. As an added bonus, you can even create a 3-way sync that includes your MS Outlook, iPad/tablet, and Apple Contacts and Calendar.

There's no need to learn a separate app, and there's no need to plug anything in or turn anything on. It all happens automatically through the wireless network, so you always have the most current information at your fingertips even when on the road.

If you use Gmail and/or Google Calendar, you can sync to IXACT Contact using Google Sync. As with our Smartphone Wireless Sync, you can also establish an automated 3-way sync between IXACT Contact, your Google Apps, smartphone, iPad/tablet, Apple Contacts and Calendar, and
MS Outlook.
Mac and iPad Compatible

Looking for a real estate CRM for Mac and iPad? Your search
is over!

IXACT Contact is 100% Mac and iPad compatible using Safari or any other browser of choice.

IXACT Contact can sync with the address book and calendar built into your iPad. And with OS X, it can even sync with the Mac Address Book.

Even the look and feel of our
user interface was inspired by
the “Apple look”. That's why IXACT Contact is so clean and uncluttered, with a consistent
and aesthetically appealing colour palette. It's easy and relaxing to work with – just like Macs and iPads.

Apple lovers - welcome home!

Automated Lead Capture

Our Automated Lead Capture saves you time and sends you instant email alerts.

With our Automated Lead Capture, all your leads are transferred automatically into your IXACT Contact database where you can further qualify and categorize them.

Our Automated Lead Capture can also:
  • Generate email alerts for immediate follow-up
  • Assign a drip email campaign for automated lead nurturing
  • Auto-assign new leads to your monthly e-Newsletter
IXACT Contact offers the broadest range of lead capture options available.

Lead Capture via Email is a simple and versatile method for capturing leads from a wide variety of sources including existing forms built into your website and third party lead vendors.

If you don’t currently have a lead capture form on your website, you can create a branded form in minutes using our Lead Capture Form Builder.

And for those organizations requiring customized lead capture solutions, our Form Post and Web Service options offer unsurpassed flexibility and security.

To learn more about our Automated Lead Capture click here.

Our full-featured Calendar keeps track of all your appointments
and activities.

Today's appointments are highlighted on your homepage, while our full calendar lets you choose between daily, weekly, and monthly views.

Recurring appointments are easy to create, and our wireless smartphone sync keeps your smartphone calendar synched with your IXACT Contact calendar even when you're on the road.

Click on Image to Enlarge

Being organized and proactive doesn't have to be hard.

Click on Image to Enlarge

To get things done, the guiding principle is: keep it simple. The Tasks function in IXACT Contact makes it easy to maintain a to-do list, and check things off as they get finished.

You can also search your Task List by date range or keyword to find just the tasks you want to focus on right now – all the keep in touch calls for today, as an example.

With our wireless smartphone sync, you can even sync your IXACT Contact Task List with the task list on your smartphone.

With IXACT Contact, never forget an important task again!


When it comes to reports, we've done the work for you.

Click on Image to Enlarge

IXACT Contact comes with a range of valuable pre-designed Reports that help you make better decisions about your marketing and business development.

A list of all your clients in business card format, a summary of client birthdays, a list of everyone in your Business Directory, a summary report of all your closed transactions.

They're all easily available at just the push of a button.

Whether your team is large or small, IXACT Contact has the solution
for you.

For smaller teams of two or three people, IXACT Contact is a simple cost-effective solution. By sharing a single account, multiple team members can access the system simultaneously on different computers, and even sync everyone’s smartphone to
the database.

For larger teams, IXACT Contact gives you the flexibility and control to manage all aspects of your business and marketing, while still being easy enough for everyone to learn and use.

With the Teams version of the system:
  • Each team member has their own calendar and task list which can be shared among team members.
  • You can assign leads, appointments and tasks to other
    team members.
  • You can choose to send each marketing communication with either Team or individual team member branding.
  • You can assign all the tasks and key date reminders related to the management of Active Business or Marketing and Listing/Closing Activity Plans across multiple team members.
  • The Team Leader can set restrictions on importing, deleting, exporting, or wirelessly synching contact data.
  • And much, much more...
Learn more about our shared real estate crm.

Tired of installing software and then having to keep up with updates and new versions? Then you'll love IXACT Contact.

IXACT Contact is entirely web-based. It's always available, always up-to-date and never crashes.

We take care of the upgrades, maintenance and back-ups at our end. You just use the features to build your business!

IXACT Contact can be accessed from any computer and is fully compatible with both Windows and Apple computers.

Your client information is extremely important so we protect it using the most advanced data security technology and practices, including hosting at a “Tier 1” datacenter with state-of-the-art data encryption, virus protection, and network intrusion detection systems.

Your data is your personal property and we never share or resell your data.

To read our Privacy Policy click here.
Set-up and Support

From initial set up to ongoing questions and support, the IXACT Contact team is committed to your success.

With some CRMs, getting started can be a challenge. But not with IXACT Contact because we do the set up for you!

When you sign up for a Free Trial account, our friendly Customer Support Representatives will:
  • Upload your contact data.
  • Set up your monthly e-Newsletter.
  • Set up your Email Header and Signature.
  • Set up your Automated Lead Capture.
  • Set up wireless synchronization to your smartphone.
All FREE of charge!

And when you have questions or need support, our dedicated team of Customer Support Representatives are here to help you with FREE and unlimited phone and email support.

We want your experience with IXACT Contact to be the best it can possibly be!

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IXACT Contact is a great real estate CRM. It is easy to use, syncs with my mobile devices and enables me to stay in touch with new and existing clients effortlessly and efficiently.

Adnan Bashir
Cityscape Real Estate Ltd.

I have 20+ years working with CRM packages (salesnexus, salesforce, act, goldmine, etc), and I have to tell you, your program is outstanding! It's easier to use and more powerful than anything I've seen before.

Scott Sklare
Preferred Realty Group

IXACT Contact is a lot simpler to use than my previous system. I love the way it handles addresses; it's so much easier than anything I've used before. IXACT Contact is also faster as there are generally far fewer steps to get stuff done.

Elana Campbell
Royal LePage ProAlliance Realty

IXACT Contact is a great CRM. It's easy to use and includes awesome drip email campaigns for your buyer and seller prospects, fsbo's, expired's, and so on. Oh by the way, the customer service is A1.

Lilo Clacher
American Brokers Realty Group

Communication is made easy with IXACT Contact's ability to maintain full contact profiles and provide automatic prompts when it's time to get in touch.

Richard Robbins
Masters Edge Real Estate
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