Affiliate Program

Real estate professionals across North America are discovering the simplicity and ease-of-use of IXACT Contact – and they’re loving it!

Frustrated with the complexity and cost of traditional real estate CRM systems, real estate professionals are adopting IXACT Contact in ever growing numbers.

Help your clients grow a referrals based business and be better organized by introducing them to the fastest growing real estate CRM and marketing solution available today. To top it off, you’ll build yourself a healthy residual income in the process!

To learn more about our Affiliate Program, contact us at 1.866.665.0018 or

There are many benefits of being an IXACT Contact Affiliate:

  • No upfront program fee or financial investment required
  • IXACT Contact handles the sales process, client billing and customer support
  • IXACT Contact ensures your success with sales and marketing support including:
    • Free IXACT Contact account for personal use and sales demonstrations
    • Complete sales, marketing, and demo support

Who can qualify as an IXACT Contact Affiliate?

  • Real estate trainers, coaches, consultants, and speakers
  • Providers of complementary real estate products or services
  • Online marketers selling to real estate agents
  • Virtual assistants


Simply give us a call at 1.866.665.0018 or email us at and we’ll take it from there!


Affiliate Program FAQ’s

Who is IXACT Contact?

IXACT Contact is an easy-to-use web-based contact management system designed specifically for real estate professionals. The system helps real estate sales agents to:

  • Market more effectively to past clients, hot prospects and important referral sources.
  • Generate higher quality leads.
  • Build their contact database and broaden their Sphere of Influence.
  • Build a referrals based business.
  • Keep in touch with email marketing.
  • Manage their business in a more organized and professional manner.
  • Expand their online presence with an Agent Website.

IXACT Contact is the first viable alternative to Top Producer for real estate agents who are frustrated by the complexity of Top Producer and unable to use it effectively.

What are my responsibilities as an IXACT Contact Affiliate?

Your only responsibilities are to promote IXACT Contact in good faith and abide by the terms of the IXACT Contact Affiliate Agreement.

How much does it cost to join the IXACT Contact Affiliate Program?

There is no cost to join the program. In fact, you’ll earn money from each new client you send our way.

Who manages your Affiliate Program?

We manage it ourselves and take care of all client tracking, monthly statements, and commission checks.

When do my commission payments kick in?

Your commission payments kick in once the client you referred ends their Free Trial period and begins paying their basic monthly fee.

Can I get paid for past referrals?

No. You must have a signed Affiliate Agreement in place before commissions can be earned.

Do you have a high retention rate after the Free Trial?

Yes! IXACT Contact has a very high retention rate. Because our system is so easy to learn and use, yet offers such a broad range of real estate specific functionality, our retention rate is much higher than the norm for web-based subscription software.

How are referrals tracked and credited to my account?

As an IXACT Contact Affiliate, you will be assigned a unique Promotion Code and possibly a branded signup landing page. Every time someone signs up using your Promo Code or on your branded signup page, your account will be credited.

How will I know how much commission I have earned through the IXACT Contact Affiliate Program?

You will receive a monthly commission statement detailing the names of the clients who made payments in the past month, as well as all clients currently in their Free Trial period.

What kind of sales and marketing support do I get?

We will provide you with a broad range of sales and marketing support including:

  • IXACT Contact user account for personal use and sales demonstrations
  • Full access to our Customer Support Team
  • Internet-based sales, training and demo support
  • Partner branded Free Trial sign up page on Website (at IXACT Contact discretion)
  • Webinar support
  • Scripts for seminars and demonstrations
  • Pre-written drip email promotional campaigns
  • Partner branded sales and marketing collateral

How do I get sales and marketing support?

Once your Affiliate Agreement is in place, one of our marketing managers will work with you to define the promotion plan that will work best for you given the nature of your business and objectives.