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Centralize Your Contact Management

Tired of your contact data being scattered all over the place? IXACT Contact’s real estate CRM software makes it easy to pull it all together into one organized and easy-to-manage database. We’ll even upload and consolidate your data for you as part of our unique Concierge Setup Service.

You’ll stay connected thanks to IXACT Contact’s Mobile CRM App and Google Sync functionality which keeps the most current information at your fingertips even when you’re on the road. It’s the ultimate centralization solution for busy agents. You won’t believe how much time you’ll save having all your contact data in one easy to manage real estate CRM.

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Build Relationships

To build relationships you need to get to know people. IXACT Contact's rich contact profiles with social intelligence, and contact history including email correspondence, make it easy. Keep track of important contact information including phone and email, birthdays, family members, move-in anniversaries, referral history, properties, mortgage details, communications history, and more; everything you'd expect in the best CRM for real estate. Flexible contact categorization and search functionality save you time and help you communicate in a professional way.

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Stay Organized and in Control

Never miss an appointment or an opportunity thanks to IXACT Contact’s robust calendar and task list. Functioning like your own assistant, you’ll receive automated task and appointment reminder emails to keep you on track.

Our real estate CRM software also comes equipped with a range of pre-designed reports including a transactions summary, a referrals report, and a list of the people you’re overdue to connect with. All reports are quick to run and help you make better decisions about your marketing and business development.

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Keep in Touch and Stay Top of Mind

Keep in touch and watch your referral business grow. This is the heart and soul of IXACT Contact. Stay top of mind with both clients and prospects with these powerful real estate CRM features:

  • Automated birthday reminders help you wish people well on their special day.
  • Automated move-in anniversary reminders make it easy to thank past clients for their business.
  • Manage marketing events such as client appreciation parties and new buyer seminars.
  • Build a business directory to position yourself as the expert in all things real estate related.
  • Take advantage of our contact-specific keep in touch dashboard to manage all your keep in touch activities and communications in one consolidated place.

With our real estate CRM’s unique keep in touch functionality, IXACT Contact acts as your personal marketing assistant, saving you time and making it easy to remain top of mind.

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Manage Your Listings and Buyers

With IXACT Contact’s Active Business functionality, you can track important property and listing details, key dates, showings information, and much more:

  • Assign listing and closing Activity Plans (use the ones we provide, customize them, or create your own)
  • Get email reminders of important tasks and appointments
  • Upload transaction-related documents
  • Manage offers
  • Generate service reports
  • Track commissions

The Active Business area of our real estate CRM software acts like your virtual transaction coordinator, keeping you organized and in control, and allowing you to handle more business more professionally than you ever thought possible.

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Automate Your Lead Capture and Nurturing

With Automated Lead Capture, all your leads from any website or lead vendor (including Zillow Tech Connect) are transferred automatically into your IXACT Contact database. Whenever you get a new lead, you’ll receive an immediate email alert so you can respond quickly and convert that lead into a client before your competition.

You can assign new leads to a pre-defined group and/or drip email campaign for automated lead nurturing. New leads can also be auto-assigned to your monthly e-Newsletter. Automated lead capture and nurturing is just one of many features that make IXACT Contact the best CRM for real estate.

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Manage Your Business on Your Phone

Stay connected to your real estate CRM whether you’re in the office or on the road. With IXACT Contact’s cloud-based technology and Mobile CRM, you can manage your business effectively from any device. IXACT Contact’s CRM App makes it easy to respond to leads, keep in touch with key contacts, and stay on top of your “to do’s” from anywhere. It’s one tap to make a call or send an email or text, followed by an automatic prompt to make a note or create a follow-up task. IXACT Contact’s CRM App is like having a personal assistant in your pocket!

“IXACT Contact has given me  the ability to rekindle with clients that I helped with their real estate needs.  I'm talking about clients that go back 10 years plus.  IXACT is also my backbone to contact new prospects.  IXACT Contact is easy to use and every agent should use it as their real estate CRM.”

— Tommy Barone

Global Luxury Realty

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“As a newer real estate agent I went through several real estate CRMs but NOTHING has come close to what you offer!”

— Shayena Sharma

RE/MAX Equity Group

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"I love IXACT Contact! It's like having a very expensive admin help me. Emails go out on schedule and buyers love the reminders. The best part is the system's ability to drive off of the contract and closing dates, which not all will do. And it's easy to set up."

— Josette Skilling

Keller Williams Capital Properties

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