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Contact Management System

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Your Online Personal Assistant

Imagine having a personal assistant working for you 24/7, helping you convert leads into clients, build relationships with all the right people, manage your active business, and stay up-to-date.

That’s your life with IXACT Contact, the best CRM for real estate.

With IXACT Contact’s real estate CRM, you can wake up each morning knowing that your contact database and business is organized, your marketing is automated, and you’re calling the right people each day.

And with our Mobile App, you can do it all from the palm of your hand, with your smartphone and tablet.

Gain Control of Your Contact Database

Tired of your contacts being scattered all over the place? Do you have data trapped in Excel spreadsheets, Outlook, Gmail, your phone, your MLS, or even your website?

If so, you could be losing hours every week hunting for contact information.

IXACT Contact gives you back those lost hours by putting all your contact data together in one organized and easy-to-manage database.

And with our Mobile App and Google Sync, your contact information is always at your fingertips, even when you’re on the road, making IXACT Contact one of the best real estate contact management solutions.

Just think of the time you’ll save, and the opportunities you’ll be able to jump on more quickly.

Harness the Power of Robust Contact Profiles

There’s more to building relationships than just knowing a name and a few details. With IXACT Contact, you can build rich contact profiles, so you’ll have no problem keeping track of every contact’s:

  • Phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Home and work addresses.
  • Spouse/Partner and other family members.
  • Birthdays and move-in anniversary.
  • Referral history.
  • Properties and mortgage details.
  • Communications history (including email correspondence).

Want to organize contacts into buckets or groups that reflect how you do business? IXACT Contact makes contact management and search a breeze.

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Keep in Touch and Build Relationships Like Never Before

Helping you keep in touch and stay top of mind with all your contacts is the ‘heart and soul’ of IXACT Contact!

  • Stay top of mind with hot prospects.
  • Nurture longer term leads.
  • Build loyal referral relationships with past clients.

Using IXACT Contact’s Keep In Touch Dashboard, you can set up automated reminders for birthdays, move-in anniversaries, and keep-in-touch calls — plus, send a monthly e-Newsletter (which we write for you), or assign an appropriate email marketing plan.

In addition, our real estate contact management software includes an advanced Keep in Touch Coach that tells you day-by-day who you need to connect with based on when you last spoke with them and their position in your Business Pipeline.

As a contact moves through your pipeline – from seller lead to client, for example – your Keep In Touch Coach automatically adjusts the frequency of your keep in touch calls.

And best of all, the key contacts you need to call today are front and centre on your homepage Dashboard.

The result? 100% confidence that you’re communicating with prospects and clients in just the right way.

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See Your Pipeline at a Glance

How many leads do you have? What is the status of those leads? Where are your leads coming from? Who needs to be called today?

IXACT Contact’s real estate CRM software displays the sales pipeline data you want to see, and does so with visual graphs and charts that are easy to understand. You can even customize and prioritize which pipeline data to focus on, and which pipeline widgets to pull into your homepage Dashboard.

Now you can easily monitor your pipeline health. It’s never a mystery. You can clearly see what’s happening, and make quick and smart decisions for growing your business.

Manage Your Business on Your Phone

You’re not chained to a desk, so neither is IXACT Contact. It’s with you wherever you go — on your computer, tablet, and smartphone.

IXACT Contact’s Mobile App makes it easy to respond to leads, keep in touch with key contacts, and stay on top of all your tasks and appointments from anywhere.

It’s one tap to make a call or send an email or text, and another tap to make a note or create a follow-up task.

IXACT Contact’s CRM App is like having a personal assistant in your pocket!

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Connect with Prospects and Clients Instantly with Text Marketing.

Did you know that the open rate for text messages is close to 100%? And compared to other forms of communication, text response rates are extremely high.

With IXACT Contact’s text marketing feature, you can send personalized ‘mass texts’ to targeted group of contacts, with replies coming right to your phone. You can also respond to new leads instantly with a text auto-responder.

All outgoing text messages and replies are automatically recorded in contact history, giving you a 360° view of your contact communications.

Text Marketing is quick to set up and easy to use, with pricing that any agent can afford.

Connect with more prospects and clients, more quickly, and more easily – that’s the power of Text Marketing. Imagine what that will do for your business!

Expertly Manage Your Listings and Buyers

There’s a direct link between how well you manage your listings and buyers, and your ability to grow a referral and repeat based business.

IXACT Contact makes it easy to handle all property and listing details (including key dates) like a pro. Our real estate contact management software lets you:

  • Assign listing and closing activity plans.
  • Get email reminders of important tasks and appointments.
  • Upload transaction-related documents.
  • Manage offers.
  • Generate service reports.
  • Track your commissions.

Our real estate CRM software acts like your virtual transaction assistant, keeping you organized and in control, and allowing you to handle more business more professionally than you ever thought possible.

Create Your Lead Generating Machine

The easier it is to capture and nurture your leads, the more business you’ll get from them. It’s a no-brainer.

With IXACT Contact, lead capture is fully automated:

  • Capture leads from any website or lead vendor including Zillow.
  • Receive a text and/or email alert so you can be first to the lead!
  • Auto-assign new leads to the right drip email lead nurture campaign.

With your lead capture and nurturing on auto-pilot, just think of all the potential new business you’ll get in the coming months.

Achieve Your Goals. With More Certainty. Sooner.

How much do you want to make this year? What do you need to do to achieve it?

IXACT Contact’s CRM for real estate agents gives you a personalized roadmap.

You set your gross commission goal and then work backward to determine how many listing presentations, listings, and buyer sales you’ll need to achieve your goal.

You can also set goals for those activities that are critical to success such as meeting new contacts, getting referrals, and making keep in touch calls and pop-bys.

Best of all, IXACT Contact makes it easy to track your progress with insightful charts and graphs.

The result? Certainty and control. You’ll always know exactly how well you’re doing towards your income goal, and the key activities that drive success.

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Client Testimonials

I have used several different CRMs in the past 3 years and IXACT Contact gets everything done simply. There are a lot of CRMs out there that do a lot but they are too complicated, and there are some that are simple but don’t have those little extras. IXACT Contact provides everything you need in a simple package. Complete but very easy to use.

Darlene Shepstone

Royal LePage North Bay Real Estate Service

“I simply love IXACT Contact! I’ve been using it since it came out 12 years ago, and it’s just so simple and easy to use. The system helps me keep in touch and stay top of mind with everyone in my database, and I’d say I’ve grown my business by 30% or more just from using IXACT Contact. I’ve looked at kvCORE but it’s a lot more complicated. I’m fairly technical, but for the average Realtor, I think it’s just too much, and IXACT Contact is a much better fit.”

Kimberly French

Royal LePage Atlantic Homestead

IXACT Contact has given me the ability to rekindle with clients that I helped with their real estate needs. I'm talking about clients that go back 10 years plus. IXACT is also my backbone to contact new prospects. IXACT Contact is easy to use and every agent should use it as their real estate CRM.

Tommy Barone

Global Luxury Realty

I love IXACT Contact! It's like having a very expensive admin help me. Emails go out on schedule and buyers love the reminders. The best part is the system's ability to drive off of the contract and closing dates, which not all will do. And it's easy to set up.

Josette Skilling

Keller Williams Capital Properties

As a newer real estate agent I went through several real estate CRMs but NOTHING has come close to what you offer!

Shayena Sharma

RE/MAX Equity Group