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Managing your real estate marketing materials has never been easier and more effective than with the comprehensive real estate newsletter service provided by IXACT Contact’s sister-company, Morris Marketing Group.  This direct mail newsletter service is managed within your IXACT Contact real estate CRM and includes two amazing, fully customizable direct mail newsletter options: The Preferred Client Update, to help you stay top of mind with past clients, and the Homeowner Update, to help you stay top of mind with hot prospects and your geographic farm. And the best news is? We do everything for you: writing, design, printing and mailing of your customizable real estate marketing materials.

Preferred Client Update: Stay Top of Mind with Past Clients

With high-value, professionally written articles and designs that are bound to grab attention, the Preferred Client Update will ensure that you keep in touch with past clients in a meaningful and impactful way. And it’s easily managed with just a few clicks in your IXACT Contact CRM.

This cost effective and stress-free real estate direct mail newsletter is easy to personalize with your own branding, images, and custom content. Mailed regularly, it builds top-of-mind status and loyalty with past clients so when someone they know is looking for a real estate agent, it’s you they recommend.

HomeOwner Update: Stay Top of Mind with your Hot Prospects and Geographic Farm

Whether you are a new real estate agent or a seasoned veteran, you will attract and convert more hot prospects and geographic farming leads with the HomeOwner Update. This customizable direct mail newsletter will help you stay in touch with your hot prospects and geographic farm in a meaningful and memorable way.

This is not your average real estate newsletter service. The HomeOwner Update is full of valuable information that homeowners look forward to receiving every month. It is strategically written to help buyers and sellers make informed decisions and position you as the preferred real estate expert to work with.

Real Estate Marketing Materials at the click of a button

The professional, customizable design of our direct mail newsletters will ensure that they get noticed. And unlike most real estate newsletter services, The Preferred Client Update and HomeOwner Update can be personalized to have your contact’s name front and center. For example: “Dear Michel & Rosa.” This ensures your direct mail newsletters are more meaningful and welcomed. In fact, you can customize your newsletter in multiple ways. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Showcase your own branding.
  • Include ads from local businesses. 
  • Offer testimonials from past clients.
  • Add a personal message.
  • Provide local real estate market updates.
  • Feature your news and announcements.
  • Publish listings/solds.
  • Promote your community events or highlight other neighbourhood happenings.

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