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With IXACT Contact you gain everything you need to succeed in real estate sales, including an easy-to-use-CRM, a powerful email marketing platform, and beautiful agent websites. But you don’t have to take our word for it!

Enjoy these IXACT Contact real estate CRM reviews from independent software review websites and IXACT Contact users. Read a selection of our real estate CRM reviews below or watch the video highlights.


Craig Rowe: “The Software Comes Packed with Smart Lead Capture Tools and Team Management features with an Emphasis on Contacts”

The company offers a wide array of videos and resources to help customers get up and running, including “concierge” support. There’s a rich collection of tools and capabilities in this software. IXACT Contact is worthy of a place on your list of options when considering a real estate CRM.

The software comes packed with smart lead capture tools, team management features and value added features, such as website creation (with IDX integration) and email marketing functionality.

Video email enthusiasts will be very happy to see the recent news of a BombBomb integration. The video communication tool is quickly expanding its presence in the industry, having partnered with companies like BoomTown, Chime and LeadingRE.

Still, I firmly believe that IXACT Contact can be a long-term contact management resource for agents at all levels of experience.

– Craig Rowe | Inman
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Lynnbfriedman: “The EASIEST and most FULL-FEATURED Contact Relationship Manager EVER!!!!!”

After years of searching for the right CRM, I decided on using ixactcontact.com. FREE trial period? YES! You will receive a free trial to test it out and no software to purchase. NO CONTRACT REQUIRED. Other benefits? Lots – newsletters, mass email with bounce-rate analysis, mail-out templates, Client letter templates, full follow-up calendar functions, and much more.

How about this for convenient? Add a contact on your smart phone and it will automatically add info to ixactcontact.com data base.

Talk about easy to use? Not only is it simple to enter new contacts but to get started the Support Team will walk you through preparing your current contacts to move over from where they are now. The Support folks are friendly and patient.

I like EVERYTHING about this CRM… MY RECOMMENDATION? Try ixactcontact.com soon because it is easy to use, full of wonderful extra features, and fully supported.

– Lynn Friedman | ActiveRain

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retechnology-leftIXACT Contact is more than just a CRM. Their product also offers email marketing and a monthly e-newsletter. Just as importantly, IXACT Contact can sync with any Smartphone (working with the phone’s address book, calendar, and task list) as well as with Microsoft Outlook and Mac Address Book.

IXACT Contact also includes Website Lead Capture which allows you to automatically capture website leads into your database. And, of course, IXACT Contact is PC, Mac, and iPad compatible.

Another cool feature of IXACT Contact is the Activity Plans. These are a series of tasks to complete a process, whether that process is listing a home, marketing, keeping in touch with a lead, etc. The pre-designed plans, designed by real estate experts, do look like they could keep even the most disorganized agent in control.

The email marketing features of IXACT Contact allow you to send mass emails to a large group of contacts or to a single lead. You can choose from pre-designed emails, newsletters, and flyers (i.e. “just sold” or “just listed”). A feature I particularly appreciated was built-in campaign reporting, allowing users to track the success of their email marketing efforts and identify their best leads.

The exportable reports are another interesting feature of IXACT Contact. Types of reports include active business reports, task and appointment reports, and contact reports.

– Emily Williams | RETechnology

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IXACT Contact is a powerful, intuitive real estate CRM solution designed to support agents and their specific needs.

The system is fully web-based, which is an especially great feature for real estate agents, who often spend a lot of time on the move and may be at different locations throughout the day. All of the data is easily accessible through a streamlined interface from the Internet or a synced smartphone. The system is also Mac OS compatible and is fully supported by Safari, so it can be used on the iPad as well.

Perfect for small real estate teams sharing client and prospect information, IXACT Contact is an affordable, powerful, and easy-to-use real estate CRM solution that helps businesses manage leads, sales opportunities, transactions, and contacts.


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