How IXACT Contact Can Help Build Your Real Estate Relationships

A real estate CRM can help keep your contacts organized while helping you keep track of your business activity. But did you know that the right system can also give you the tools to build better relationships?

As with any business, it’s better to nurture and maintain current relationships than to just keep acquiring new ones. As an Agent, you know how valuable client relationships are to your business. Make sure you have the right resources available to stay in touch and establish yourself as a knowledgeable, reliable real estate agent.

Contact Profiles

Our contact profiles make it easy to store information such as email addresses, home and work addresses, as well as more personal details like hobbies, interests and occupation. You can also store communication history, making it easy for you to refer back to past conversations and email exchanges. By reviewing these details prior to client calls or meetings, you’ll be able to show that you’re not only an Agent who is paying attention, but one that is fully invested in the individual needs of every client.

Automated Email Campaigns

Keep your contacts informed on topics that are important to them with IXACT Contact’s automated email campaigns. With hundreds of templates to choose from, it’s easy to assign each contact, whether they are a new referral or a client who has recently expressed interest in buying a new home, to the right campaign.

Remember, it’s also important to stay front of mind with all your contacts, not just those that are currently active in the buying or selling process. Our e-Newsletter is professionally written and designed, making it simple for even the busiest Agents to stay in touch with their entire contact list.

Reminders and Alerts

Nothing damages a relationship like forgetting an important deadline or meeting. IXACT Contact’s calendar makes it easy to keep track of every appointment and activity. Add individual appointments right to the calendar, or schedule reminders for important tasks right from the Active Business tab. Through our Wireless Sync, your calendar and task list are automatically synced to your smartphone, ensuring you’ll have access to the alerts and reminders you need no matter where you are.

Contact relationship management systems are designed to help keep your business organized. But with IXACT Contact, you’ll also be able to easily keep in touch, ensuring you’ll build stronger relationships. See for yourself. Start your FREE trial today.