IXACT Contact Case Study: Jorge Branca

Jorge Branca has been an Agent for 13 years. This Century 21 Agent has a diverse clientele and has been using IXACT Contact for approximately 5 years to better organize his contacts.

The Challenge
Branca was seeking a way to better organize his contacts with a system that was easy to use and would allow him to help reach his yearly goal of increasing his contact list by 10%.

The Solution
To meet his needs, Branca sought out a real estate CRM designed with Agents in mind—IXACT Contact.

The Result
Branca found that IXACT Contact was simple to learn and gave him a system that made it easy to keep in touch with all his contacts and more efficiently build his clientele.


Prior to finding IXACT Contact Branca had been using a competitor Agent CRM, but was taken aback by how complex the system was. “I found myself sitting in these series of classes with 30-40 other Agents trying to understand the system,” said Branca. These training sessions took valuable time away from his business and the system had features that didn’t apply to him. Seeking a better solution for organizing all his contacts, Jorge switched to IXACT Contact.


As a successful Agent, Jorge challenges himself to follow the advice his real estate coach gave him when he was just starting out: To place a key focus on increasing his number of contacts each year by at least 10%. Without a proper system in place, Branca found himself having to keep track of everything himself. He wasn’t just concerned about contact information, but having the ability to set reminders to keep in touch with prospects that aren’t yet ready to become clients.

For a busy Agent, ease of use and automation is everything, so Branca sought out a system that wouldn’t take the many months required to learn all the functionality of other systems.

“I needed a tool, not a mess. If you can learn something in 1 or 2 days, you know you have a good tool.”


Realizing his current CRM solution would take too much time away from his business, and had features he may not necessarily need, Branca implemented IXACT Contact CRM to better organize his contacts.

With IXACT Contact, Branca found a simple tool that allowed him to keep track of his contacts and help him maintain communications, particularly through the use of features such as:

Ready-to-Send E-Newsletter—Stay front of mind with clients through professionally designed email, with set-it-and-forget-it automation.
Wireless Sync—Access to contact information on-the-go from a smartphone.
Reminders and Tasks—Automatic reminders to ensure every client need is met.
Email Campaign Reports—Ability to see how many contacts are opening your emails, as well as who is opening them, and who is clicking on the hyperlinks within them.

These basic features, along with an Agent CRM system that was easy to learn in a matter of days, Branca was better equipped to reach his yearly goal of increasing his database of clients by 10%.


Not every lead will become a client, but with IXACT Contact, Branca found it was easier to stay in touch with every contact without taking too much time away from his real estate business.

IXACT Contact gave Branca an easy-to-use CRM tool that allowed him a simple way to keep his contacts organized, while at the same time allowing him to automatically send emails, set reminders and stay on top of daily tasks.

“To manually organize your client base would be another full time job in itself. That’s why it’s so important to have these automatic features. I couldn’t work without IXACT Contact.”

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