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IXACT Contact Real Estate CRM and Email Marketing
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You might have tried using Outlook for real estate contact management, but quickly discovered that Outlook just doesn’t cut it. A true real estate CRM, such as IXACT Contact, is specifically designed to help you build a referrals-based business by making it easy to keep in touch with everyone in your database, build your online presence and generate leads, and stay organized and in control of your business. Outlook is simply missing too many key features that are available in a real estate CRM and marketing system for agents such as IXACT Contact.

Contact Management and Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Managing your business is much easier when you use a true real estate CRM. For instance, with IXACT Contact, you can search your database across a number of different criteria including multiple categories,  the date someone was added to your contact list, and when a call was logged with a specific contact. IXACT Contact even includes various useful reports that give you important insight into your business.

Real Estate Email Marketing

When it comes to email marketing, IXACT Contact is leaps and bounds ahead of Outlook. IXACT Contact comes with a professionally written and designed monthly e-Newsletter that’s complete and ready to send, and a library of real estate specific email and letter templates. In addition, our powerful email marketing platform can easily handle large distribution lists, whereas Outlook cannot. And don’t even think about personalizing your mass emails, doing drip marketing campaigns, or tracking email opens and click-throughs in Outlook!

Real Estate Agent Websites

When you choose Outlook to manage your contacts, how do you build an online presence that generates leads? You’re probably paying a webmaster for an expensive and difficult to manage website. With IXACT Contact your own customizable agent website is included with your subscription. Establish your online presence and generate more leads with your own real estate agent website.

You’ll even build your reputation as a real estate expert with your own real estate blog, and capture new leads automatically with our targeted lead capture forms and CRM integration. This is a powerful tool for agents that Outlook simply does not provide.

Rookie Agents get IXACT Contact FREE for SIX MONTHS!

Transaction Management

Now, think about transaction management. Can you manage and organize your listings, showings, third parties, commissions, and transaction documents in Outlook? Can you generate service reports? The answer is no. IXACT Contact even includes listing and closing Activity Plans that prompt you every step of the way to ensure no detail is missed when you’re listing or closing a home.

Mobility and Synchronization

As a real estate professional, you’re often on the road and may not have access to your computer. Because IXACT Contact is cloud-based, you can access your database from wherever you are, on any device, provided you have an internet connection. The system even syncs to your smartphone and Google Apps.

If you’d like to continue using Outlook for your everyday email correspondence, you can! With our Outlook Sync capability, all contact, calendar and task information can be synchronized in real-time between Outlook and IXACT Contact, so there’s no need to manage two separate address books!

Automated Lead Capture

With IXACT Contact’s Automated Lead Capture all your online leads are transferred automatically into your IXACT Contact database where you can further qualify and categorize them. You can also receive email alerts for immediate follow-up and auto-assign new leads to a drip email campaign or your monthly e-Newsletter. Make sure no lead gets left behind with IXACT Contact!

Ultimately, the only way to know if a contact management and marketing system is right for you is to try it out. IXACT Contact offers a FREE Trial.  During your FREE Trial, our Customer Support team will be happy to upload your Outlook data for you free of charge.  You can also try our sync with Outlook, your smartphone, and/or Google Apps.  You can even try our monthly e-Newsletter, Automated Lead Capture and mobile friendly Agent Website during your Free Trial period – and our Support Team will set it all up for you!