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IXACT Contact Real Estate CRM and Email Marketing
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✓ Includes Mobile-Friendly Agent Website
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A frequent comment from real estate professionals who have used Contactually is that it’s heavy on style and light on substance. They’re attracted to Contactually’s sleek look but ultimately find its features and capabilities fall short of what a real estate professional requires. It’s lacking powerful email marketing capabilities, a monthly real estate e-Newsletter, and a mobile friendly Agent Website. All features you will find within IXACT Contact.

Both Contactually and IXACT Contact are web-based systems, but only IXACT Contact is built specifically for real estate agents, including the powerful, easy-to-use features that a real estate agent needs to manage a thriving business. Here are some of the key features that set IXACT Contact apart from Contactually:

A CRM and Marketing Solution Designed for Real Estate Agents

While Contactually offers basic fields for your contact’s information, IXACT Contact goes above and beyond with detailed contact profiles. Rich contact profiles do the remembering for you, so you never forget another important detail about your contacts. The calendar includes automated appointment and task reminders, ensuring you don’t miss any important events. Automated birthday and home anniversary reminders make it easy for you to reach out to your contacts on their special days. Never forget to call a past client or prospect again, thanks to IXACT Contact’s Automated Keep in Touch Call Reminders. You’ll be notified when it’s time to reach out to a contact bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

Email Marketing

With a robust email marketing platform integrated within IXACT Contact, it’s easy to keep in touch. Each month, you can send a professionally written and designed Monthly e-Newsletter automatically to your contacts, helping you stay top of mind. You’ll have the power to send branded, fully graphical emails that nurture leads through drip email campaigns, helping you look like the expert you are! Mass Email Campaign Reporting takes the guesswork out of real estate email marketing by showing you who is opening, clicking, and forwarding your email messages. Email Campaign Reporting identifies the hot leads in your database that are especially interested in your message and may be ready to discuss listing or selling a property.

Agent Websites

When agents choose Contactually to manage their contacts, how do they build an online presence that generates leads? They pay a webmaster for a difficult to manage website. With IXACT Contact your own customizable agent website is included with your subscription. Agent Websites look great on any device, including Smartphones and tablets, and offer optional MLS listings integration (IDX). Establish your online presence and generate more leads with your own real estate agent website, included in your subscription!

Rookie Agents get IXACT Contact FREE for SIX MONTHS!

Active Business Management

With IXACT Contact’s Active Business functionality, you can track important property and listing details, key dates, showings information, and much more! It’s easy to assign listing and closing Activity plans by using the ones we provide, customizing them or creating your own. Active Business management keeps you organized with task and appointment reminders, the ability to upload transaction-related documents, manage offers, track commissions, and upload transaction-related documents.

Automated Lead Capture

With IXACT Contact’s Automated Lead Capture your leads are transferred automatically into your IXACT Contact database where you can further qualify and categorize them. You can also receive email alerts for immediate follow-up and auto-assign new leads to a drip email campaign or your monthly e-Newsletter. Make sure no lead gets left behind with IXACT Contact!

Unparalleled Support

IXACT Contact offers you all these powerful, real estate specific features, and our Customer Support Representatives are here to help you get started by offering unlimited phone and email support! We’re always happy to help. During your  FREE Trial, our support team will be happy to upload your data for you free of charge from any other system – including Contactually. You can even try our Smartphone and Google Sync, monthly e-Newsletter, Automated Lead Capture and mobile friendly Agent Website during your Free Trial period – and our Support Team will set it all up for you!