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IXACT Contact Real Estate CRM and Email Marketing
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Many real estate agents believe that the CRM built into their website is “good enough” to support their contact management and marketing requirements. But they’re usually badly disappointed by the limited features and over-simplification of the “CRM-like” components provided by most website companies. Real estate is a detailed business, and agents require a powerful contact management system.

When you’re in a business fueled by repeat and referral clients, you need the power to keep in touch, stay organized, and build meaningful relationships. IXACT Contact offers a vast set of features that other web-based CRMs do not.

While some website-based products may include a couple of extra features here and there, typically other website-based CRMs don’t have the following key features of a true real estate CRM:

Contact Management

  • Rich contact profiles
  • Sophisticated contact grouping and search
  • Contact History and email correspondence tracking
  • Referral tracking
  • Robust Calendar and Task List
  • Automated task and appointment reminders
  • Automated birthday and move-in anniversary reminders
  • Automated Keep in Touch Call reminders
  • Ability to create and manage group marketing events
  • Business Directory
  • Properties Information and History
  • Ability to do Letters and Labels
  • Pre-formatted Reports

Email Marketing

  • Professionally designed and written monthly e-Newsletter
  • Personalized mass email capability
  • Graphical branded email headers and signatures
  • Targeted Drip Marketing Plans for buyers, sellers, renters, FSBOs, Expireds, and past clients
  • Library of strategically written emails
  • Email Campaign Reporting

Buyer and Seller Management

  • Easily generate service reports
  • Schedule appointments and task reminders
  • Record closing and other key dates
  • Listing and Closing Activity Plans
  • Related Parties info
  • Showings Module
  • Document Upload and Storage

Mobility and Synchronization

  • Google Sync
  • Smartphone Sync
  • Outlook Sync
  • Sync to Mac and iPad

Teams version

  • Separate calendars and task lists
  • Ability to assign tasks to teammates
  • Personally branded email

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Ultimately, the only way to know if a contact management and marketing system is right for you is to try it out. IXACT Contact offers a FREE Trial. During your trial, our Customer Support team will be happy to upload your data for you free of charge from any other system. You can even try our Smartphone and Google Sync, monthly e-Newsletter, Automated Lead Capture and mobile friendly Agent Website during your Free Trial period – and our Support Team will set it all up for you!