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How does IXACT Contact real estate CRM compare to other real estate contact management systems such as Top Producer or Contactually? We’re so confident that IXACT Contact is the right real estate CRM for you that we’ll show you how we measure up to other popular CRMs and contact organization tools. When a good real estate CRM does all of these things, it crosses over from an expense to an investment. It becomes an essential tool you can use to grow your real estate business.

Not all real estate CRMs are created equal. Some features are more widely used than others, and some features are more appreciated by agents than others. According to a survey conducted by Inman, contact organization, activity management and ease of use are the three most important features a real estate CRM should have.

But since there are so many CRM options available, it can be overwhelming to know which one to choose. Each different platform offers its own list of features and functionality, making it challenging to decide which one is best for you. How does one real estate CRM compare to another?

Take a look at this chart of the most important real estate CRM features to help you evaluate – quickly and easily – which system will be the most effective for helping you get better organized, stay top of mind and generate more real estate leads.

 IXACT ContactTop ProducerOutlookAgent Office 10Contactually
Free Trial Period35 DaysXXX30 Days
Fee for Individuals and Team Leaders$33/month$39.95/month$109.99 + upgrades + support$395 + $245 per upgrade + $295 annual support$49.00/month
Fee for Additional Team Members$23/month$24.95/monthNo Teams version$395 + $245 per upgrade + $295 annual support$49.00/month
Multiple Users Able to Share One AccountYXXXY
Additional Fee for Agent WebsiteNo Extra Fee$34.95/monthNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Special Program for Rookie AgentsY – 6 months free!XXXX
No Contract RequiredYXYYX
General Features IXACT Contact Top Producer OutlookAgent Office 10  Contactually
Real Estate SpecificYYXYX
Web Based SoftwareYYYXY
Team FunctionalityYYXYY
100% Mac and iPad Combatible YYYXY
Smartphone SyncYOnly using Google or Outlook SyncYXY
Google SyncYYYXY
Real Estate CRMIXACT Contact Top Producer Outlook  Agent Office 10 Contactually
Detailed Contact Profiles and GroupsYYYYX
Calendar, Task List, and RemindersYYYYX
Keep in Touch DashboardYXXXX
Letter/ Label Generator for Direct MailYYYYX
Active Business ManagementYYXYX
Automated Website Lead CaptureYYXYX
Business DirectoryYXXXX
Unlimited Document Upload and StorageYYXYX
Email Marketing IXACT ContactTop Producer  OutlookAgent Office 10  Contactually
Professionally Designed and Written e-NewsletterYXXXX
Real Estate Drip Marketing PlansYYXYY
Real Estate Email and Letter Template LibraryYYXYX
Email Campaign ReportingYXXXX
Agent Websites IXACT ContactTop Producer  Outlook Agent Office 10 Contactually
FREE Agent Website included in subscriptionYAdd’l $34.95/monthXXX
Mobile Friendly to Display on Any DeviceYXXXX
Free Customizable Website ThemesYYXXX
Free Automated Lead Capture from WebsiteYYXXX
Optional MLS Listings Integration (IDX)Add’l $12.95/month or $32.95/monthYXXX
Services and Support IXACT Contact Top Producer OutlookAgent Office 10  Contactually
Free Unlimited Phone and Email SupportYYXXX
Free Data Upload ServiceYXXXX
Free set up of Mobile/Google SyncYXYXY
Free set up of email header and signatureYXXXX
Free set up of monthly e-NewsletterYXXXX
Free set up of automated lead captureYXXXX
Free set up of agent websiteYXXXX


Real Estate CRM Solutions – Learn More

Still looking for more real estate CRM comparison information so that you can choose the best one for you and your business? Here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular real estate systems available, including their strengths and weaknesses. Compare IXACT Contact to other real estate CRM solutions and choose which one is best for your business.

IXACT Contact® Real Estate CRM

IXACT Contact is an integrated solution that includes an easy to learn and use CRM, powerful email marketing, and mobile friendly agent websites. IXACT Contact provides real estate professionals with all the necessary tools to manage keep in touch communications, listings and active buyers, and online presence with a single, easy to use platform at a single low price.  Some fan favorite features of IXACT Contact real estate CRM are the:

• Professionally written and designed monthly e-Newsletter
• Automated Keep in Touch, birthday, and move-in call reminders
• Automated Lead Capture
• Real estate lead nurture email campaigns
• Advanced Email Campaign Reporting
• Active business management
• Mobile and Google sync
• Customizable mobile-friendly agent websites with optional IDX integration

IXACT Contact Reviews

“IXACT Contact Real Estate CRM has a lot to like. Packed full of features that any agent would welcome, IXACT Contact is not only user friendly but affordable as well. You can even try it out for a full five weeks with no contract required. Esthetically pleasing and easy to use, this CRM will really help you stay organized and enhance your business at the same time.” Valerie McConville, AB (via ActiveRain)

“Regarded as one of the leading web-based real estate CRMs, IXACT Contact is equipped with very useful features, including functionality-rich Contact Profiles, powerful email marketing, and mobile friendly agent websites. You can store all the important details about your contacts, which is extremely useful for real estate agents.  Other highlights include detailed Contact History, interactive Calendar, To-do list with task and appointment reminders, Active Business management, dedicated Business Directory and Reports.” Perry Norgarb (via SmallBizCRM)

Top Producer®

Top Producer is a powerful but highly complex real estate CRM solution. Many agents find the complexity of Top Producer simply overwhelming, and after weeks or months of trying to set up the system they ultimately give up in frustration. Like IXACT Contact, Top Producer offers a mobile version, and email marketing, but at a higher cost. And according to Inman, more than 39 percent of real estate professionals think price is a deciding factor for a good real estate CRM.

Top Producer offers real estate websites for an additional monthly fee, so users do pay more each month for this CRM and marketing solution. New customers of Top Producer are locked into a one-year contract, unlike IXACT Contact which does not require a contract. Top Producer has no equivalent to IXACT Contact’s monthly e-Newsletter and does not include Email Campaign Reporting.

Top Producer Reviews

“I found Top Producer bloated, heavy to use, slow to run and too expensive for me. I actually gave Top Producer a shot twice. The first time I found myself not logging in, avoiding it, and quit in a month. Then a year later I tried again and gave it a 6 month trial. Nope, no better the second time.” – Real estate agent in Pottsville, PA (via ActiveRain)

“I tried this product in the past and was disappointed, however I was able to cancel within the first 30 days and get my money back. I vowed never to use them again, but I didn’t even listen to myself! I signed up again in October 2013 while attending a state convention. The product failed to deliver on their promises within six months, but I was locked in a one year agreement. They refuse to cancel early and reimburse.” – Real estate agent in Parker, CO (via ActiveRain)

Wise Agent

Wise Agent is an inexpensive real estate CRM with a reputation for their quirky user interface. Like IXACT Contact, Wise Agent offers unlimited customer support by phone and email, and both companies are widely recognized for their excellent customer care.

While Wise Agent includes some email marketing functionality, it does not include Email Campaign Reporting that shows who had opened and clicked on links within your marketing emails.
Wise Agent does not include a website solution to help you build your online brand and generate leads.

Unlike IXACT Contact, Wise Agent does not offer a special promotion for Rookie Agents.

Wise Agent Reviews

“The customer support is not bad, [but Wise Agent] lacks one obvious feature, a mechanism to track emails for open rates, bounces and so on. Right now, email can be linked to Mail Chimp which is not really that good.” – Real estate agent in Sherwood Park, AB (via ActiveRain)

“I tried to use this CRM twice but it was clunky and not very streamlined for me. It also did not offer me what I was looking for which was the ability to nurture my database as well as keep me organized and on track for the day and the week.” – Real estate agent in Naperville, IL (via ActiveRain)


Contactually is a nicely designed, general use CRM. Since it is not designed specifically for real estate agents, it lacks some key functionality required by real estate professionals. The price point for Contactually is considerable higher than IXACT Contact, and it offers less real estate specific value.

While Contactually does a good job of reminding users of when to make keep in touch calls, it lacks transaction management and real estate lead nurture campaigns. Many of the features agents require for keeping in touch and generating referrals are simply not available in this system. Contactually has no monthly e-Newsletter, no Email Campaign Reporting, and no website solution.

Contactually Reviews

“This is a great CRM but they also have a lot of technical problems. And when there is a problem in your database and try to contact someone at support, you get some folks emailing you back repeating your questions and not taking care of the problem.” – Alicja W. (via

“Inviting other users and sharing contacts and permissions appears to have been added as an afterthought. It seems to take quite a lot of time to share each bucket with other users and when you enable sharing you have to update your own permissions too which seems odd if you’re the owner of the bucket.” – Matt M. (via

Constant Contact®

Constant Contact is a powerful email marketing platform, but it is not a CRM system for real estate professionals. The reporting functionality in Constant Contact is robust, but content is not real estate specific. This platform offers almost no real estate content, and they do not offer an e-Newsletter that is professionally written and designed for real estate professionals. The program does not help real estate agents manage their database or transactions.

Some agents use Constant Contact in addition to a separate real estate CRM and website. But a more streamlined and less expensive option is to use a single system that includes a CRM, email marketing platform, and website all in one integrated solution.

Constant Contact Reviews

“I was a longtime subscriber to the Constant Contact product. Their marketing sucked me in and I do believe they are the leader in the email marketing field. That being said, I think as an agent, you need to ask yourself what you really need to be doing with email marketing. I just think Constant Contact is meant for bigger campaigns or companies.” – Real estate agent in Saint Charles, IL (via ActiveRain)

“The look of the newsletter is professional and attention grabbing, but it is still hard to get clients and tenants to read the content. A lot of people have no interest in the content or it just doesn’t apply to them so they delete it anyway.” – Real estate broker in Highlands Ranch, CO (via ActiveRain)

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