About Your Contact Management Challenge

Chances are, you already know that keeping in touch with past clients, marketing effectively to your database, and managing all your transactions professionally are the keys to building your business.

But have you ever struggled to:

  • Recall what was said in a conversation three months ago, or where you wrote down a prospect’s phone number?
  • Follow-up on hot prospects at the right time, so you get the listings and not another Agent?
  • Stay in touch with past clients, so you don’t miss opportunities for repeat business? Connect effectively with referral sources, so they recommend you more often?
  • Remember to send a thank you note, birthday card, letter, email, or other important client communication?
  • Systematize your email marketing, so that you’re consistently building your “personal brand” as an Agent in the minds of all your contacts?
  • Stay on top of all the details related to a purchase or sale, dreading that you may have “dropped the ball” on a critical commitment or deadline?

Any one of these challenges can cost you clients and listings, as well as wasting your time and money. So is a real estate CRM right for you? If you’ve encountered any of these challenges, then you need a real estate CRM!

IXACT Contact solves all these problems.

Real estate CRM, email marketing platform, and monthly e-Newsletter in one integrated system.

Designed specifically for Agents, IXACT Contact helps you attract more referrals by making it easy to stay in touch, build relationships, and manage your business. With our real estate contact management system, you’ll convert more leads into listings and attract more referrals and repeat business.

IXACT Contact includes all the features you’d expect in a leading contact management system including:

  • Contact Profiles and detailed Contact History
  • Contact Groups and Searching
  • Customizable Agent Website
  • Email Marketing Capabilities
  • Active Business area for managing all your Sellers and Buyers
  • A full suite of Reports
  • A robust Calendar and Task List

The system also includes a number of unique, easy-to-use features that will help you manage and grow your business in new and exciting ways.

Learn more about IXACT Contact’s Real Estate CRM and Agent Websites.