Contact Management for Real Estate

real estate crmContact management for real estate is not just about gathering a simple list of names, addresses and phone numbers, or buying a list of unqualified leads from a website. It’s the process of collecting relevant information about clients over time and storing that important information in a safe, organized manner.

A successful contact management strategy will allow you to be organized and keep in touch with current and past clients. By practicing effective contact management, you can build personalized and strong client relationships, which can help to generate more real estate referrals and leads.

For Agents who don’t have a good contact management process or system in place, it can be difficult to manage the contact information for literally hundreds of leads. Have you ever forgotten to write down a prospect’s phone number, or forgotten a conversation you had with a client? Is your desk littered with to-do notes and reminders?

How IXACT Contact Can Help with Contact Management

IXACT Contact is the best solution for effective real estate contact management. You’ll be able to safely manage all the contact information of your leads and clients, keep a record of your communication history with them, and as a result easily build lasting relationships. The system even reminds you when birthdays arise so you can send a birthday card at the right time.

And that’s not all.

Our Agent Websites help you stand out from the crowd as a real estate leader with your customized website that looks great on all devices, including mobile.

Our professionally designed and written monthly e-Newsletter makes it a breeze for you to keep in touch with all of your clients and build that referral and repeat business.

Our powerful email marketing lets you automate much of your marketing communications so while you’re busy on the road showing homes, you’re marketing to hot leads at the same time!

A recent study by ActiveRain found that a CRM was the top real estate tool among agents, and that the highest earning Agents spend more on their CRM and website than the lowest earning Agents.

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