Looking for a Mobile Real Estate CRM that Syncs like a Dream with your Smartphone and Tablet?

crm mobile syncWe built IXACT Contact with YOU in mind!

IXACT Contact is a powerful home and Mobile CRM software for Realtors® in one convenient package. Our Smartphone Synchronization automatically updates your contact names, addresses and phone numbers as well as your Calendar and Task List, so you always have access to the most current information at the office or on the road. You don’t need to plug anything in or turn anything on. With our mobile real estate CRM, it’s all done for you, wirelessly and automatically.

How Does the Mobile Contact Management Software Work?

What smartphones does it work with?

IXACT Contact syncs with iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices. As an added bonus, you can even create a 3-way sync that includes your MS Outlook, iPad/tablet, and Apple Contacts and Calendar.

How do I set it up?

Setting up Smartphone Synchronization for our mobile contact management software is easy. One phone call to our Support Team and they will walk you through the easy step-by-step process.

What does this mobile real estate CRM software cost?

Nothing! There’s no setup or license fee and no monthly fee. It’s free.

What if I use Gmail and/or Google Calendar?

IXACT Contact also syncs to Gmail and Google Calendar (aka Google Apps) using Google Sync. As with our Smartphone Sync, you can even establish an automated 3-way sync between IXACT Contact, your Google Apps, and other computing devices including your smartphone, iPad/tablet, Apple Contacts and Calendar, and MS Outlook.

Can I try it out before committing?

Of course you can! Simply register for a 5-week FREE Trial and check the box indicating your interest in Wireless Sync. One of our Customer Support Representatives will give you a call to assist you with the easy set-up and you will be ready to use our mobile CRM.

Not only does IXACT Contact sync beautifully with your smartphone, it’s also one of the best real estate specific CRM systems available:

  • Quick to learn and easy to use
  • We upload your data for you
  • Powerful email marketing system
  • Beautiful agent websites
  • Automated website lead capture
  • Sync to your smartphone as a mobile real estate CRM
  • (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices)
  • Works great on Macs and iPads
  • IXACT Contact is the mobile CRM for Realtors.

The home and mobile contact management software will help you to:

  • Market more effectively to past clients, hot prospects and important referral sources
  • Generate higher quality leads
  • Build your contact database and broaden your Sphere of Influence (SOI)
  • Strengthen client relationships
  • Manage your business in a more organized and professional manner

With IXACT Contact, a mobile real estate CRM, you can generate more and higher quality leads, convert more of those leads into listings, and attract more referrals and repeat business.

FREE 5-WEEK TRIAL Try it risk free! Then only $34.95 per month. No contract required.