Digital Marketing for Agents

IXACT Contact is known as an easy CRM that allows you to keep your contacts organized and better your overall communication strategy. But you may not realize that IXACT Contact can also be helpful in your real estate marketing efforts.

Digital marketing for Agents is growing in importance as more and more people begin their home search online. That’s why we make it easy to stay in touch.

Here are some simple ways IXACT Contact can help your real estate marketing strategy:

Capture Leads Right from your Website or Blog

With IXACT Contact you can easily capture leads that are from your website or blog. You can even use our system to create a customized lead capture form that matches the look and feel of your site and your brand. Make it easy for potential leads to connect with you and automatically capture that information right in your real estate CRM.

Stay in Touch with Easy Email Automation and E-Newsletters

With our Keep in Touch feature, it’s easy to connect with all your contacts. Whether you are looking to keep the lines of communication open with a current client or hoping to connect with a potential lead through drip marketing automation, our easy to use email templates and messaging can help. IXACT Contact also features a monthly e-newsletter that is complete and ready to send. Written and designed by real estate experts, our e-newsletter is a simple way to connect with your contacts every month.

Keep Track of Social Media Posts and Contacts

For those with a Facebook or Twitter page, you can easily use IXACT Contact to manually add the contact info for those who reach out to you on social media. You can also use the tasks and reminders feature to help you remember to update your various social media channels with useful, relevant information.

Ready to ramp up your digital marketing efforts? See how IXACT Contact can help. Start your FREE TRIAL today.