IXACT Contact: A CRM for Agents Built with Agents in Mind

There are a number of CRM solutions available on the market. But part of what sets IXACT Contact apart from the rest is the way we are constantly improving. How do we do it? By listening carefully to input from Agents using our product. In fact, we believe this is one of the secrets to our success. No other real estate CRM captures and incorporates Agents suggestions into their system like we do!

Here’s just a few ways our CRM stands out from many of our competitors:

  1. We keep it simple. Other CRM solutions require days, or even weeks, to learn and often have features that most real estate agents will never use. IXACT Contact’s intuitive design makes our system easy to use. Our support team will work with you on day one to get all your existing contacts imported from your current system. We also provide in-depth tutorial videos so that you can quickly learn about all the features of our web-based software.
  2. We’re more than just a CRM. Keeping your contacts organized is essential to your business, but so is how you keep in touch with them. Our system includes a variety of pre-written and designed email templates that can be customized to the look and feel of your real estate brand. Our drip marketing automation programs make it easy to stay in touch with all your contacts, including leads that were brought in by your real estate website.
  3. We help you look like the expert you are. Real estate agents strive to be a valuable resource to their clients. That’s why IXACT Contact provides users with a monthly e-newsletter, written and designed by real estate professionals. Review the e-newsletter prior to sending it to your contacts, or select to have it automatically sent to a pre-determined contact list.
  4. We keep improving. Over the years, IXACT Contact has continued to add new features and options meant to make running your real estate business more efficient and effective. Many of our improvements and enhancements come from feedback provided by actual users. We work with active Agents in the industry and take user input into consideration. Not all CRM solutions on the market can say the same.

If you’re looking for a CRM solution made with Agents in mind, start your FREE trial of IXACT Contact today.