Feature Highlight: Email Correspondence Capture

You use a variety of methods to communicate with all your contacts. Whether it’s over the phone, via a letter or in an email, it’s important that you always have the information you need right in your CRM. With IXACT Contact’s email correspondence capture, it’s easy to capture one-to-one email communications directly into the contact history for that particular contact.

No more searching for lost communications in your email, or missing out on important exchanges that are lost in your inbox. Instead, IXACT Contact allows you to see the complete picture of your communication history consolidated in one place, including emails sent outside of the mass emails and newsletters sent through the system itself.

  • No complicated set-up or syncing is required
  • IXACT Contact will automatically recognize emails sent to corresponding email addresses included in the system
  • View email history right from the profiles of each of your contacts
  • Easily remind yourself of previous exchanges without hesitation

Successful Agents know how important it is to build relationships with all your contacts. Through features such as mass email, newsletters, and keep in touch plans, IXACT Contact makes it easy for real estate agents to stay front of mind with their clients.

With email correspondence capture, your clients will be assured that they are working with an Agent who is not only organized, but truly listening to their every need and concern.

IXACT Contact is a real estate CRM designed to help you build relationships and your business. If you’re looking for a system designed with the unique needs of Agents in mind, sign up for your FREE FIVE WEEK TRIAL today.