Feature Highlight: Letters and Labels

While many communications have moved online, there is still a need for letters and postcards in your real estate marketing plan. Sometimes sending a letter feels more personal than an email, making it the perfect way to say thank you for a successful referral or congratulate a client on their new home.

IXACT Contact makes it easy to send professional offline marketing materials with our Letters and Labels feature. Send personalized mail merged letters to all your contacts, or just a select few.

You can either select from one of our pre-written letter templates, or create a new letter from scratch. Simply select your contacts, write your message and select the size of your letterhead and the labels you’ll be using. Easily preview your letter right in IXACT Contact and hit print. Think you’ll use this type of letter again? Simply add it to your templates for easy access in the future.

The best way to build and maintain relationships, whether new or existing, is to make sure you always keep in touch. While many of your contacts may prefer email communications, others would rather hear from you in a letter. With the right contact management system, it’s easy to create both online and offline messages.

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