Real Estate CRM: How it Works

You understand the benefits a real estate CRM can have on your business and your real estate marketing efforts. But you want a system that’s not only easy to use, but intuitive. Here is a high-level journey of a new contact entering the IXACT Contact CRM for the first time:

Step One: A contact enters the database either automatically through an online form, from your smartphone using wireless sync, or is manually entered.

Step Two: A new Contact Profile is created.

Most contacts fit into one of four contact types:

  • Client
  • Prospect
  • Personal
  • Business to Business

Within the Contact Profile, you’ll find basic contact information, such as address, telephone, and email addresses, as well as areas for you to add more specific details such as family members, hobbies, special interests, birthday information, along with any referral or lead source information.

These elements help you to build closer relationships with your clients and keep track of which sources or existing clients are helping to bring in quality leads.

You can also further categorize contacts by assigning them to groups. The Contact Groups feature makes it easy for you to send emails or direct mailers based on specific criteria such as nature of relationship (i.e. past colleague), common interests (i.e. golf club member), priority level, etc.

Step Three: Create a Keep In Touch plan based on the individual contact.

The best real estate marketing plans are those that place a key focus on maintaining relationships. The Keep In Touch plan can help you to do exactly that, by quickly and easily letting you assign every contact to the communication plan that is best suited to them.

Ensure that the right contacts are invited to relevant events, such as seminars, parties, or even the sending of a monthly e-Newsletter, as well as specific activity plans including drip marketing plans. Give both current and prospect clients an individualized experience that’s tailored to them.

Step Four: Add the Contact to an Activity Plan.

IXACT Contact helps you keep both your prospective buyers and active listings organized and on track. Create and assign an Activity Plan  for every contact. Create tasks and remainders around every listing and for every prospective buyer.

No matter how busy you are, you’ll never miss out on a key step in the buying or selling process. Establish deadlines and reminders with ease, and help each client feel like they are your main priority.

Step Five: Manage your real estate business more effectively and efficiently.

When you use IXACT Contact, your business has nowhere to go but up. Organize your email marketing efforts, assign drip marketing plans, send customized emails, all while better maintaining your day-to-day responsibilities. Stay on top of tasks and appointments. Better manage referrals, stay in contact with current clients, and set yourself up for the road to becoming a top producer in real estate.

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