Qualified Leads for Agents

The right real estate CRM can help you organize your contacts. But did you know it can also help you better recognize qualified leads for Agents? By better understanding what makes a hot lead and what doesn’t, you’ll save time and money going after new contacts that have the greatest chance of moving from prospective client to active client.

Email Campaign Reporting

When you take the time to create email campaigns, you want to know how they’re performing. With IXACT Contact you can see open and click rates for every email you send. Better understand which emails engage both prospective and new clients. Use this information to inform your future real estate email marketing campaigns.

Our Email Campaign Reporting feature also allows you to go a step deeper by letting you see specifically who opened your email and who clicked. A contact who engages with your communications is a better real estate lead than one who doesn’t.

For example: Let’s say you send out an e-Flyer about a hot new listing to prospective and current clients in your database that are looking to purchase a home. If someone opens your email, that’s good to know as it’s a sign of interest, especially if they opened it multiple times and forwarded it to others. But if they click on a hyperlink to “Learn More About This Amazing New Listing”, you KNOW you’ve got a high quality prospect. Use this information to send your contact more detailed information regarding the listing, or even to pick up the phone and give them a call. (And by the way, IXACT Contact includes Just Listed and Just Sold e-Card and e-Flyer templates so the whole process is quick and easy.)

Referral Tracking

Referrals are a big part of any successful real estate business. Using IXACT Contact, you can designate new contacts as referrals in order to better track where they came from and where they end up. Easily follow up with all your referrals right from your Agent CRM.

Acting on referrals in a timely manner is just as important as thanking those who brought you the referral in the first place. Through IXACT Contact, you can easily send a quick thank you to those who brought you in new business. You’ll also be able to see how many referrals a contact brought in and their outcomes, essentially allowing you to measure both quantity and quality.

Better understand who is bringing you in quality leads to ensure you always act upon those referrals as quickly as possible.

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