Feature Highlight: Listing & Closing Activity Plans

When you’re listing a new property or working through the closing process, you don’t want to let any details fall through the cracks. That’s why IXACT Contact provides pre-defined activity plans that help you stay on top of tasks related to the listing or closing of any property.

You’ll be reminded to complete things like putting up signs, running ads and sending client service reports. Email reminders will keep you organized and make it easier for you to plan your work day. When you have several transactions on the go, Activity Plans are a crucial key to staying organized and on schedule.

Activity plans in IXACT Contact are quick and easy to assign to the appropriate seller or buyer. You can use an activity plan as is, or customize it based on your preferences or the specifics of that particular transaction. You’re in control with the option to customize dates, tasks and reminders as you see fit. You can also create your own activity plans from scratch that can be saved for future use on other listings or closings.

Keep track of every item on your to-do list in one, comprehensive real estate CRM solution. Get organized and stay on schedule with pre-defined and customizable Listing and Closing Activity Plans. Want to see the difference IXACT Contact can make for your real estate business? Start your FREE 5-week trial today.