Drip Marketing Automation for Agents

A contact enters your CRM. Now what? With IXACT Contact, it’s easy to enroll every contact into an activity plan that sends emails based on each contact’s specific criteria through our drip marketing automation feature for Drip Marketing Automation for Agents.

What is Drip Marketing Automation?

This feature allows you to automatically send emails and correspondence, making it easy to follow up with new leads and current contacts. Instantly assign new contacts coming in from your website into a drip marketing program that allows you to instantly connect with them before another Agent has the chance.

Stay front of mind with current clients by automatically sending them emails that are relevant and interesting to them. Stay in touch with all your contacts in a way that feels personalized and unique to them, without taking time away from your busy real estate business.

How Does IXACT Contact Help?

Our system is pre-loaded with a number of activity plans and emails that are appropriate for renters, prospective buyers and sellers, for sale by owner, and expired listings. Each is professionally written and designed by real estate experts. Each of these templates can be customized to your brand.

Along with our ready to use templates, you can also use IXACT Contact to create your own emails and activity plans from scratch. Once your activity plans are set, simply assign your contacts to the appropriate plan and get back to what you do best—buying and selling real estate.

Following up with leads and contacts could be a full-time job in itself. With IXACT Contact you can set it and forget it. Ready to give it a try? Start your FREE TRIAL today!