Real Estate Media Coverage of IXACT Contact’s Real Estate CRM

IXACT Contact’s real estate CRM has been featured in leading real estate publications. As you’ll see below, these media authorities love the system’s professionally designed and written monthly e-Newsletter, and powerful business-building features that even the most non computer-savvy agents can quickly learn and use.

Have Your Real Estate CRM and E-mail It, Too

IXACT Contact isn’t just any customer relationship management software. It’s an e-mail marketing platform and a ready-to-send monthly e-newsletter all in one. Choose between a variety of e-mail templates or send your contacts a professionally designed e-newsletter written by real estate marketing experts. The system allows you to track each click, so you can tailor your communications to fit your address book. $34.95 per month.

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Inman News

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Real Estate CRM Helps Busy Agents Stay ‘On The Ball’

Real estate agents using a customer relationship management system from Toronto-based IXACT Contact Solutions Inc. now have new features to help them handle the tasks associated with active listings and buyers.

IXACT Contact’s CRM allows agents to track a listing’s status, record notes about listings, and track important dates and commissions, the company said. It also helps agents plan key steps involved in the listing and closing processes, send personalized mass emails and a monthly newsletter, conduct drip marketing campaigns, and view reports detailing who opened emails and clicked on links within emails to identify “hot leads.”

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Inman News

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Stay Top of Mind with Past Real Estate Clients

Real estate brokers and agents work hard for their money. They probably would work even harder if they could cut down on all the paperwork and marketing that has to be done just to stay ahead of the competition.

Paperwork is a necessity of the business — a lot of it is due to regulations.

Marketing is a different issue entirely. How much or how little a broker does is entirely up to him or her. There’s a lot of work to marketing, which is why many in the real estate industry outsource this part of the business to customer relationship managers and use contact management systems.

There are dominant players in the customer relationship management (CRM) business, and there are smaller, niche players. I’m sure they all are useful, or these companies wouldn’t be in business today.

But one company in the scrum recently caught my eye because of an innovative add-on that’s accessible to all its clients for free.

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IXACT Contact Launches Real Estate e-Newsletter Feature

While some support and some criticize e-newsletters, the majority of actively marketing real estate professionals use them in their marketing arsenal, which is the demand that customer relationship management (CRM) software company, IXACT Contact has responded to, launching a new e-Newsletter feature. The company says this new feature makes them the only real estate CRM on the market that gives subscribers the ability to send out pre-designed and written e-Newsletters to their contact.

Additionally, the company told AGBeat, “We’re now also the only real estate CRM to offer Email Campaign Reporting (this feature is normally reserved for dedicated email marketing systems like Constant Contact or MailChimp). It’s very exciting!”

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REM – Real Estate Magazine


Real Estate CRM System Helps Build Relationships

Are you struggling to keep in touch with current and past clients? Do you find yourself feeling disorganized and pressed for time? Or perhaps you despise calling those in your sphere of influence (SOI) because you simply don’t know what to talk about. I speak with agents every day who share these sentiments but are unsure of what they’re doing wrong.

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