IXACT Contact Mobile CRM

You’re always on-the-go. Your content management system should be too.

With the IXACT Contact Mobile CRM, and our Smartphone Wireless Synchronization, automatically update your contact names, addresses, phone numbers, calendar and tasks. Create a centralized system for all your clients and referrals from where ever you are. No more losing phone numbers, contact names, or important reminders just because you aren’t in the office.

Access the full features of the IXACT Contact platform from your iPad or tablet. Update contact profiles and notes, assign contacts to drip marketing plans, review the latest reports from all your email campaigns and so much more.

Why is it important to have a Mobile CRM?

Most Agents like to spend as little time in their office as possible. But you don’t want to feel disconnected from the day-to-day business. You need the ability to access and respond to all your leads and clients from where ever you happen to be. With a Mobile CRM, you can:

  • Stay on top of your appointments
  • Quickly review client history
  • Add and delete tasks
  • Schedule reminders
  • Send out emails to your latest prospects
  • Review active business transactions

For those using IXACT Contact for Teams, you can access all of the features above, as well as:

  • Organize appointments for your entire team
  • Assign tasks and reminders to specific team members
  • Send marketing emails with either team or individual agent branding
  • Assign prospects for follow-up to selected members

For busy agents, it’s important to make every minute of the day count. With a Mobile CRM, you’ll be more effective and efficient with your contact management and marketing strategies.

See the difference a Mobile CRM can make for you or your team. Sign up for a FREE TRIAL today.