IXACT Contact’s Real Estate Email Templates

Relationships are important for any Agent to maintain a stable, steady business. But staying in touch with all your contacts can take up a lot of time. And if your messages don’t have the look and feel of a professional email, they may go ignored. While other CRMs just organize your contacts, IXACT Contact helps make Agent email marketing easy with our real estate email templates.

How it Works

Whether you want to set up drip marketing automation or send a one-off email to a new contact, we provide the right message you need when you need it. Our ready-made emails are professionally written and designed, making it easy for you to reach prospective sellers, buyers, FSBOs, renters and more.

Stay in touch with just three simple steps:

1.  Select the campaign you want to launch.
2.  Select the appropriate contacts.
3.  Hit send.

Every message sent through IXACT Contact includes a personal salutation, making each email look as though it was written just for them.

You also have the option to create or customize any of our existing templates. Simply upload your own graphical or HTML email. We make it easy to give every message sent the look and feel of your real estate website and your brand.

Get Started Today

We’ve made our real estate email templates so easy to use that you can start sending emails from day one. We’ll help sync your existing contacts and set up your email header. Register for your FREE 5-WEEK TRIAL today and see how easy IXACT Contact makes it to stay in touch and keep your contacts organized.