CRM Training for Real Estate Teams

The larger the team, the more difficult it becomes to manage. With IXACT Contact for Real Estate Teams, everyone will be set up with the best software for top producers.

Getting Started

Any existing IXACT Contact account can be converted to a team account at any time. In order to create your team, simply log-in to your account, select “user profile” and click “create team”. Here, you’ll be able to create the Team ID and password that your team members will use to create their IXACT Contact Accounts.

As the team leader, you’ll have the ability to authorize user activity, including whether or not they can import, export, delete, or sync contacts. Click here for more details using IXACT Contact for Teams

Team Features

Depending on your team, and their authorization to manage contacts, all the features of an individual IXACT Contact account can also be used in a team setting. Here are a few key features to review with your team:

  • Contact Groups: Depending on the access designated by the team leader, your real estate team can easily upload and manage every contact, from web leads to referrals, to one-on-one interactions. With IXACT Contact for teams, you’ll be able to see which team members bring in which contacts, as well as how they are following up. Each individual team member will also have the ability to assign their contacts to the appropriate groups, and manage them accordingly.
  • Calendar and Tasks: Each team member will have their own specific calendar and task list, which is also accessible to the rest of team. This allows teams to be able to quickly locate each other and transfer tasks when necessary. The calendar also features a reminder feature, so that every team member can stay on top of their appointments and daily to-do list.
  • Keep In Touch Plans: More team members means more contacts to stay in contact with. Through with IXACT Contact for teams, every contact can easily be assigned to a Keep In Touch Plan by the team member who brought the lead in. Get your whole team involved in the marketing process by showing them the importance of making sure they stay in contact with every contact. Click here for more on Keep In Touch Plans.

There are many more features your real estate teams can utilize with our software for top producers. For example, each team member can create their own email header and signature, allowing them to give their clients an individualized approach. Having trouble understanding all the ins and outs of IXACT Contact? Visit our Resource page for helpful step-by-step instructional videos.

Not sure if IXACT Contact is right for your team? We know it is, but don’t just take our word for it. Get every team member started with a FREE TRIAL today.