IXACT Contact CRM for Teams – Feature List

The Teams version of IXACT Contact gives your team the flexibility and control to manage all aspects of your business and marketing, while still being easy for everyone to learn and use. The Teams version of our real estate CRM includes:

  • A calendar and task list for each team member
  • Visibility to other team member’s calendar and task list (if authorized by team owner)
  • Private appointments and tasks hidden from other team members
  • Ability to create appointments and tasks for other team members
  • Ability to re-assign existing appointments and tasks to other team members
  • Team member restrictions on importing, deleting, exporting or wirelessly synching contacts
  • Visibility to the team member that entered each contact
  • Assignment of buyer agent from list of team members
  • Assignment of Keep in Touch event, as well as each related tasks, to a selected team member
  • Assignment of individual activity plan tasks to a selected team member, including selection of team member branding for emails and letter tasks
  • Visibility to team member assignments in contact pending activities and activity history lists
  • Assignment of applicable listing agent, seller closing agent, and buyer closing agent to active business listing from a list of team members
  • Ability to add all key date calendar appointments and reminders for active business listings to additional team member calendar
  • Set up of separate email header and email/letter signature for each team member
  • Selection of team member branding to use when creating mass emails or letters
  • Sharing of all mass email and letter templates and uploaded images library across all team members
  • Team-member specific, or aggregated task and appointment reports
  • Team-member specific, or aggregated active business transaction reports
  • Team leaders can create a their own website
  • Team leader can create as many additional website pages as they’d like, including individual pages for each team member
  • Set up a separate website lead capture form for each team member
  • Wireless synchronization available to all team members
    • Each team member will sync their own calendar and task list
    • All team members will sync the entire team contact database


Team Leader: $33/month
Team Member: $23/month