Agent CRM for Teams

Having a team can be great for your real estate business. But the larger the team, the harder it is to keep everyone organized and accountable without taking up too much of your time. Run your team more effectively and efficiently with IXACT Contact for Teams.

Designed for medium to large teams of four or more, having an Agent database that can organize your entire team will help you better manage leads, view team member activity, assign activity plans, appointments and tasks, as well as reassign existing appointments and leads all from the easy to use IXACT Contact system.

You can also create marketing strategies with your team in mind. Set up separate website lead captures for each of your individual team members. Create email headers and signatures for everyone to ensure that clients receive communications that are more personalized, and not just sent generically from the team as a whole.

Keep your real estate team up-to-date and on task all from your CRM:

  • See which team members are entering which contacts, and how they are following up
  • View contact pending activities and activity history for each member of your team
  • Better understand individual performance and efforts through the active business transaction report feature

Our CRM is more than just a database for real estate. IXACT Contact for Teams is simple to set up, easy to use and a great tool for managing your team, your business, and your marketing efforts.

See if IXACT Contact is right for your team. Sign up for a FREE TRIAL today.