IXACT Contact Case Study: Heather MacDonald

Heather MacDonald has been an Agent in Canada for nearly 5 years. This Keller-Williams real estate agent has a variety of clients and has used IXACT Contact for about 3 years to keep track of them all.

The Challenge

  • MacDonald knew having a system to organize her contacts was a baseline necessity for her business.

The Solution

  • IXACT Contact provides the features MacDonald needs to organize her business and build better relationships with her clientele.

The Result

  • As MacDonald continues to grow her business, including expanding from an individual to a team, she found that IXACT Contact makes it simple to stay organized.


MacDonald recognized that a CRM solution was a vital component for building her real estate business. She needed a way that would allow her to easily track and manage all her contacts, as well as any corresponding activities with those contacts. “I tried various products before landing on IXACT Contact,” said MacDonald. Systems such as those provided by Top Producer didn’t seem localized enough. Other generic CRMs were too generic, and failed to meet the specific needs of an Agent. After a critical analysis of which system to try next, MacDonald decided on IXACT Contact.


For MacDonald, building and managing relationships with her contacts is key. “The core issue is managing relationships. And the core intent of a CRM is to allow you to manage relationships well.” Without a real estate CRM designed with the needs of Agents in mind, it was difficult to keep track of various activities, exchanges and correspondence for every contact.

“Having visibility to interactions with clients, on all levels, is critical.”


Knowing that generic CRM systems would not satisfy her specific needs, and that not all real estate CRMs are created equal, MacDonald took a deeper look into what was available. With IXACT Contact, MacDonald found she could easily track notes, correspondence and business activities for each of her clients. Not only did the system perform in a way that fit her needs, it was also more suited for Canadian Agents than other CRMs.

IXACT Contact has proved to be the best tool for MacDonald to build relationships and her business through features like:

Keep in Touch Plans—Makes it easy to stay in touch with clients through simple connections such as birthday reminders, events, seminars, etc.
Mass Emails—IXACT Contact allows you to use pre-written and designed templates to send quality emails to all your contacts. You can also create customized messages that are consistent with your brand and messaging
Active Business—See the status of your active buyers/sellers all from one dashboard, making it easy to see the current state of activities
Business Directory—Store contact info for trusted service providers that you recommend to your clients, making it easy to provide yet another element of customer service

The various Contact Profile elements also make it easy for MacDonald to keep track of correspondence notes, activities and face-to-face conversations, allowing her to more effectively build relationships.


As an Agent who went through two CRMs in just three years, MacDonald found that IXACT Contact not only meets her current needs, but is constantly evolving to provide new features she can take advantage of.

“I need a tool to stay consistent with my needs. It becomes a useless tool if it gets a dull edge, so it has to keep sharp and it has to keep moving forward,” noted MacDonald, who is impressed with the way IXACT Contact takes user input into consideration to constantly improve the system.

This paired with their helpful user support team, gives MacDonald an added confidence that IXACT Contact will be the right system for her for years to come, even as her business evolves from an individual Agent to a real estate team.

If you want a system that will not only help you build stronger relationships, but is responsive to user input and concerns, start your FREE TRIAL with IXACT Contact today.