Benefits of a CRM for Veteran Agents

As an experienced Agent, you’re always looking for new ways to organize your contacts and keep your business growing. But if your current contact management system doesn’t make it easy for you to keep track of referrals, take your contacts with you on-the-go, or provide real estate marketing tools that are essential to staying front of mind with all your current or potential clients, you may want to consider the benefits the right real estate CRM can provide.

Here are five ways IXACT Contact makes doing business easier for the veteran Agent:

1.  Store all your contacts in one place. Do you have poor organizational habits? If so then you likely have contacts listed on your computer, in an address book and maybe even on a few business cards scattered in a desk drawer. IXACT Contact makes it easy to store and sync all your contacts in one easy-to-use system. With our Wireless Sync, you’ll have every name and number right on your smartphone, available to take with you on-the-go.
2.  Better organize referrals. Over the years you’ve seen how important quality referrals have been to growing your business. IXACT Contact allows you to designate which contacts are referrals, as well as note which one of your existing contacts made that referral. We make it easier than ever to see which of your contacts refer the most high-quality leads, allowing you to gauge which referrers you need to pay close attention to.
3.  Create a directory of trusted service providers. Whether they are buying or selling a home, your clients will look to you to provide the names of contractors, roofers, mason and home inspectors that you know and trust. IXACT Contact makes it easy for you to store all this information with our Business Directory feature. Show yourself as a true home expert by providing valuable contact info to every client that needs it.
4.  Easily reach contacts online. With pre-designed email templates and our drip automation feature, it’s easy to stay in touch with your clients online. By providing regular, relevant emails to all your contacts, you’ll continue to show yourself as an industry expert, as well as stay front of mind with your contacts.
5.  Customize communications to your brand. Over the years you’ve likely established a look and feel to your real estate brand through your marketing materials and website that your contacts recognize. IXACT Contact makes it easy to customize emails, as well as our online lead generation form so that it matches the rest of your marketing efforts.

With IXACT Contact managing your real estate business is easier than ever. Once you try this software for top producers, you’ll see the endless number of benefits it provides. Stay organized, build better relationship and grow your business. See for yourself—start your FREE 5-WEEK TRIAL of IXACT Contact today.