Customize Your Real Estate CRM Software

IXACT Contact is purposely designed to be an easy CRM that allows Agents to better organize their contacts and make it easy to stay in touch. But just because something is made to be intuitive and simple, doesn’t mean it has to produce boring, one-size-fits-all real estate marketing materials.

More and more you hear about the importance of establishing your brand. This is particularly true for Agents. Make sure everything you send to your clients through IXACT Contact is true to your brand and your real estate business with our customizable CRM features.

Customizable Email Header

Keep branding consistent for a more professional look. Easily match the look of your emails to that of your website. You can even make it easier for users to connect with you by adding social media icons to your header. The look is completely up to you.

Mass Emails and Letter Templates

We provide a number of email and letter templates that are written and designed by real estate professionals. But we also offer you the option to create emails and letters that fit your style and your real estate brand. Create communications that match your brand and fit the needs of your contact groups.

Monthly E-Newsletter

While our monthly e-Newsletters come delivered to you, ready to send, you also have the option to customize it to your needs. Not only can you choose when to send your e-newsletter and who will receive it, but also the subject line and opening message for each issue, meaning you can give your contacts a newsletter with a look and feel that they recognize.

Contact Us Lead Generation Form

IXACT Contact makes it easy for you to bring in new leads from your website through our Contact Us Lead Generation Form. With a few simple clicks of a button, you can create a lead generation form that matches the look and feel of your specific real estate marketing brand. Easily capture leads and have them automatically added to your CRM. You can then enroll those leads into a marketing automation plan for further nurturing.

Want to see what your Agent marketing materials look like with that added personal touch? Try IXACT Contact FREE. Sign up today.