Feature Highlight: Email Campaign Reporting

Email marketing is a great way for Agents to stay in touch with their contacts. With IXACT Contact’s Email Campaign Reporting feature you’ll be able to understand more about your campaigns. Learn what’s working and what isn’t so you can hone your campaigns over time for maximum effectiveness.

More importantly, IXACT Contact’s Email Campaign Reporting will also shine a spotlight on high quality/hot leads hiding in your database.

See The Big Picture

Get a better understanding of your email campaigns at a high level including:

  • Total number of email campaigns
  • Total number of emails sent
  • Bounce-backs
  • Total opens
  • Unique opens
  • Total click-throughs
  • Average open rate
  • Average click rate

These statistics can let you look at your email strategy as a whole, allowing you to see not only how many people are opening your communications, but interacting with them as well.

Understand Individual Campaigns and Identify Hot Leads

See the details of individual real estate email campaigns including:

  • Day of week/Time of day emails are opened: Gain insights on the best time and day to send emails. Use this data to experiment with your send times and see if underperforming emails get a better response when sent at the same time/day as one that is performing well.
  • Who’s opening your emails: See who exactly is reading your emails, including how many times they are opening the email, who’s forwarding your emails on, and who is interacting with the various links. With our Link Analysis, you can dive even deeper to see which contacts are interacting with which links. For example, if you notice a contact is opening and interacting with every open house email alert you send, it’s a good sign that they might be seriously interested in buying a new home. You should definitely give them a call – you might just pick up a new client!
  • Bounces, including spam notifications: Keep your contact list clean by seeing which email addresses hard-bounced, meaning the email address was invalid. Remove these contacts from your list or call the contact for an updated email address. You can also see how many emails sent were stopped by a user’s spam filter. While there are various reasons your email could get stopped by a filter, it may be a sign that you are using too much “sales” language in your subject line or in the content of the email itself (i.e. “Buy now!” “One time!” “Act now!” etc.)

When you can see how your real estate email marketing campaigns are performing, you can better understand the types of emails your contacts respond to and which they don’t. Use this information to optimize your email marketing strategy going forward.

Of course, IXACT Contact works to help keep your email campaigns as simple as possible with our library of pre-written and designed email templates and our monthly e-newsletter. Use them as is, or customize them to your specific needs.

See what you have to learn from your email campaigns. Sign up for a FREE 5-WEEK TRIAL today!