Staying Organized with a Real Estate CRM

As a busy Agent, you know how easy it is to become disorganized. Keeping track of appointments, tasks, contacts—it all takes time. And while there are countless numbers of programs and apps that can help you keep your life organized few, if any, are made with the unique needs of Agents in mind.

With IXACT Contact, you get a real estate tool that organizes both your contacts and your business.

IXACT Contact Calendar

See all of your appointments and important dates all in one place. And with our wireless sync, you can sync your IXACT Contact calendar with the calendar that comes with your smartphone. See your personal and professional calendars side-by-side.

Avoid having to reschedule due to conflicting times that you otherwise miss by having two separate calendars. Set reminders for appointments so you’ll always be on time. And never miss out on an important deadline. You can also add appointments and reminders to your calendar while you’re creating an Active Business Plan or a Keep in Touch Plan.
Working with a team? Gain access to everyone’s calendar and easily keep track of your teams day-to-day.

IXACT Contact Tasks

IXACT Contact’s Tasks feature helps you stay on top of your to-do list and better manage your time. View your daily task list right in your real estate CRM. Easily connect tasks back to the contact they pertain to. For those using IXACT Contact for Teams you’ll be able to easily assign tasks to other team members, as well as view the status of a task and set priority levels. You also have the option to designate more sensitive tasks as private.

Keeping your real estate business organized can be a job all in itself. Let our real estate tool do the work for you. With IXACT Contact, you can keep all your contacts, appointments and tasks organized in one central location.

If you feel overwhelmed trying to keep track of your real estate business, see the difference IXACT Contact can make for you. Register today and start your FREE 5-WEEK TRIAL.