IXACT Contact Reporting Features

Our system makes it easy to find the information you need. But sometimes it helps to look at things from a different view. With IXACT Contact’s reporting features, you can take a more segmented look at contact info, tasks, appointments, as well as important details about your active business.

Here are the types of reports our system offers:

Contact Reports

You can easily export contact info from your entire database including card lists, phone lists, mailing lists, and birthday lists. You can also view a list of property purchase anniversary dates, your business directory, as well as a list of contacts who have opted out of receiving mass email updates.

Original Source of Contact Reports

Where are your new contacts coming from? With the original source of contact report you can see where those contacts originated, whether it was a website referral, online advertisement, off-line advertisement, etc. Knowing this information can help guide your marketing strategies.

You can also view a summary of person-to-person referral sources. Have a particular contact that is always bringing in good business? Make sure to add a reminder to send them a thank you note or a small gift at the end of the year.

Task and Appointment Reports

When you have a lot on your plate, it can be hard to keep track of everything. With IXACT’s Task and Appointment report, you can generate a list of all pending tasks, as well as a list of upcoming appointments.

Active Business Reports

Do you know your average commission in sales last month? What about the average amount of days the properties you sell are staying on the market? With our active business reports you can see a list of all your active business listings, prospective buyers, as well as transaction reports.

Gain insights into your business. View details such as total selling transactions, total buying transactions, average commissions and more.

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