Feeling Confident and Showing It – 4 Keys for Real Estate Agents

confidenceExhibiting confidence in the sales profession is critical. It especially applies in Real Estate Sales. Here’s a simple four step approach to master this important issue:

The Art of Exhibiting Confidence has four main components. They are:

  1. Your visual image… don’t forget that everyone forms an opinion of you before you even open your mouth. It only takes 4 – 6 seconds! So here’s the issue…do you present the professional image you want them to accept. Who do they see you as before you even get started? A great question to constantly ask yourself is … “Would I buy from me right now?”
  1. How You Act… this one starts with your posture and the way you carry yourself. Everything from good eye contact, to a strong handshake, having an easy relaxed manner, to asking for business without being “salesy” (or nervous).
  1. What you say… the actual words you use to communicate. The questions you ask. Using objection handlers that are logical and easy to understand. The stories you include to illustrate your point. Most important of all… the benefits your message provides to your customer/prospect.
  1. How you say it… are you engaging and conversational? Are your tonality, your rate of speech, and your delivery relaxed and non-conversational? Do you put them at ease by asking the right questions? Conversation patterns and styles of speaking are critical to presenting the continent image.

Items #1 and #2 are physical strategies you can use to your advantage on an ongoing basis. The key is to be a master of “what to say and how to say it”. Let’s look at items #3 and #4 in more detail. Here’s some specific ideas you can take on right away…

BEING  ASSUMPTIVE… great Salespeople have special ways of saying things. One of those techniques is to include Assumptive Phrases in your day-to-day conversations with your Customers. This will make your conversations significantly more compelling. The resulting benefit is your Customers will find the buying exercise more pleasant and more efficient. To be a great Salesperson it is important that you master this skill of being naturally assumptive.

Here is your ACTION STEP… here are some terrific Assumptive Phrases you can use right away to get you started:

1. “As your Agent… (I will be taking care of all aspects of the transaction)”

  1. “When we get together…(you can expect me to be fully prepared)”
  2. “When you list with me…(you will start to see the differences in what I do)”
  3. “After you sign the agreement… (my team/company/office will look after all the details until the deal closes)”

5.”Because I will communicate with you weekly…(you will always know exactly what’s going on)”

When you first look at these assumptive phrases selected from “All the Right Words”, you may experience some slight discomfort. They are not necessarily techniques you’ve used already. Interestingly enough, this discomfort can quickly be overcome. Here’s 2 simple solutions to make that happen right away…

  1. Look for ways you are already doing this in your personal life. There are assumptions you make with people close to you that you never give a second thought to conveying (“When I pick you up tonight at 7 PM…”)
  1. Just pick out 1-2 of the 5 examples above and incorporate them in the next few conversations you have with your prospects. Watch for their reaction. Guess what?… there won’t be one. They won’t be offended. It’s just you helping them move forward in a positive way (and showing confidence).

You already know that your clients want to deal with someone who is confident. Include these in your repertoire and your customers will see how confident you are. What will be obvious is the value you bring to the table. Make no mistake, that’s exactly what they’re looking for. Be Assumptive. NO Excuses.

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