4 Email Marketing Mistakes Holding Your Business Back

You know that email marketing is an important tool to use to grow your real estate business. It is so important because it as a median ROI of 122% according to DMA and Demand Metric – a return that is over 4 times higher than other marketing such as social media, direct mail, and paid search. This stat is of course based on email marketing that is performing well, but there are some common mistakes that you might be making that hinder this. We’ve detailed some of these mistakes below, along with how to remedy them.

1. Not Making Your Emails Mobile-Friendly

According to a study by Bluehornet, 80.3% of users will delete emails that are not optimized for mobile devices. That is a huge segment of your list you could be missing! Furthermore, the same study found that 30% of users will actually unsubscribe from the list if the emails aren’t mobile-friendly. So not only are your emails not getting opened, but your list is shrinking completely unnecessarily. With IXACT Contact that crucial monthly eNewsletter is easy to make mobile-friendly, helping to get your emails opened and keeping your list healthy.

2. Not Using Video in Your Emails

Perhaps you have a beautifully designed email template that is mobile-friendly, and you write great subject lines that get your email opened. But are you getting clicks? A study by GetResponse found that emails with video increase clickthrough rates by 96%! Why does that matter? Clickthroughs are what bring people to your actual offer, listing, or other call-to-action – they are what you are after in email marketing! You don’t need to be intimidated by the thought of adding video to your emails either. At IXACT Contact we have an integration with BombBomb – a service that allows you to easily record videos and insert them into your emails. It couldn’t be any easier, and your business will thank you for it.

3. Not Segmenting Your Emails

Are you separating your contacts into different groups and sending them emails that are appropriate to that group? If not, you are missing out on some big opportunities.  Email campaigns that are segmented have an open rate that is 14.32% high and clickthroughs that are 100.95% higher than non-segmented campaigns! This is such a simple step that can really make your email marketing efforts so much more effective. With IXACT Contact is extremely easy to create different groups and assign contacts to them, and you will find this beneficial beyond your email marketing as it helps you to set keep in touch reminders, plan events, and so much more.

4. Not Checking on Your Campaign Results

If you are going to spend time and money on your email marketing, don’t you want to know how it is performing? A study by Hubspot showed that 78% of consumers unsubscribe from emails because too many were being sent by a brand. How will you know if this is happening with your list if you aren’t checking your unsubscribe rates? On the flip side, how will you know that a particular email format really drove interest if your aren’t aware of the Open and Clickthrough Rates for it? Don’t let the idea of email analytics scare you away – good email marketing solutions like IXACT Contact provide campaign reporting that is easy to navigate and utilize. All you have to do is look – no calculating necessary on your end!

If you really want to simplify the process, IXACT Contact is the all-in-one solution you need. Start your FREE 5 week trial of IXACT Contact now.