5 Highly Creative Ways to Use Video to Connect with Real Estate Clients

video marketing

Using video to connect with your clients and prospects can help you to develop a richer, more trusting relationship with them. In the real estate business, there are few things more important!

So how can you start integrating video into your marketing, without investing a lot of money in a professional videographer?

Here are a few video ideas that you can do on your own using a smartphone, laptop, tablet or video camera.

1. Show Your Listings

Showing off the properties you represent using video is a great way to attract more prospective clients. Videos that showcase the features of your listing, as well as the outdoor property and surrounding neighborhood community can draw more prospects who are interested in learning about the properties in your market. To start, why not record walk-throughs during an open house? Or consider including a video that shows a couple or family enjoying their neighborhood, coming home and relaxing in their home. This can help potential clients picture themselves living there.

2. Interview Videos

Nothing builds credibility with online audiences more than peer trust. That’s why capturing your past clients on video speaking about their home-buying experience with you can be marketing gold. Consider asking some of your happy clients to speak on a video clip and get their permission to use it in your marketing content. The best promotion for your business is word of mouth, and that won’t change. So why not catch those glowing endorsements on camera for your audience to see?

3. Live Streaming

Live-streaming tools like Facebook Live and YouTube Live have caught on with audiences around the world, and agents and brokers are following suit. Using a laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can live stream from notable industry conferences, interesting neighborhood events, or even brokerage events. Be sure to record all your live streaming content so that you can later repurpose the video content into longer-term reels that can be shared on your other marketing channels. Even a short video clip can have a long lifespan if it’s used strategically.

4. Q&A and Tutorial Videos

What are the most commonly asked questions that you receive from clients or prospects? Make a list of all those questions, and use them to create Q&A style videos on those exact topics. Talk about updates on the housing market in your area, the best ways to save for a home purchase, ideal ways to find mortgage lenders and so on. Partner with other experts, such as a staging expert to do “How To” style tutorial videos. It can help to boost your visibility and help your clients at the same time. By regularly delivering engaging short videos, you’ll become a reliable resource for buyers and sellers in your market.

5. Send Short Videos by Email

Did you know that including a short video in an email can lead to a 200%-300% increase in click-through rate? BombBomb is a super easy-to-use tool that is built-in to the IXACT Contact CRM that enables real estate professionals to record videos using their webcam and send them directly to clients. It makes engaging clients with video extremely easy, affordable and personal – and helps increase sales!

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