17 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Real Estate CRM

choosing a real estate crmFor Agents looking to get more organized, it’s good news that there are so many options available for real estate CRM systems.  But the challenge is that it can be really difficult to know which Contact Management System is right for you!

You likely don’t have time to try all the systems available for real estate agents.  But you can make the time to research some of your options and choose a real estate CRM that suits your specific needs the best.

There are some important questions to ask when you’re buying any technology product.  Here is a list of 17 unique questions that you may want to consider when choosing a real estate CRM.

  1. How easy is it to import my contact list?
  2. Is the CRM intuitive and easy to learn and use?
  3. What functionality is available for synching contact data to my mobile devices?
  4. Does this CRM support drip email campaigns?
  5. Can I customize the drip email campaigns myself?
  6. Is there an e-Newsletter component included with this real estate CRM?
  7. Is there real estate marketing templates pre-loaded, like Just Listed and Just Sold e-cards?
  8. Will this CRM provide me with the ability to easily absorb leads from my Agent website and Zillow?
  9. Am I able to brand the content I send out with my own look and feel?
  10. Will I have the ability to include detailed notes on my contacts?
  11. Does the CRM offer an option for real estate teams?
  12. Is there a fee for ongoing phone and email support?
  13. Is it possible to store documents within the CRM software?
  14. Does the software provide reporting so I can monitor the success of my mass emails?
  15. How does the real estate CRM help me manage my transactions?
  16. Will I be committed to an annual contract?
  17. Can I take advantage of a free trial to try the CRM?

Use these questions to help determine whether the real estate CRM you’re researching is the right one for you.

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