What is a Drip Email Campaign and How Does it Help Real Estate Agents?

Drip Email Marketing. It’s a term that’s highly buzzed about in marketing, but what is it and why are people talking about it? The simple answer is drip email marketing is an automated email strategy that goes out at certain time intervals, and people are talking about it because it creates sales.

That is the simplest explanation of a drip email campaign. Let’s get into a little bit more detail. If you meet several young couples at an open and gather their contact information, what do you do with it? Well, you could send each and every one a personalized email, and set Keep in Touch reminders in your CRM, but is that enough? You could get dozens of contacts in one open house, that’s a lot of time on crafting individual emails. You also know all of these contacts are interested in buying a home. This is where a drip email campaign comes in.

You have a set of pre-written emails that applies to exactly these circumstances. When you put these new contacts into your database, you assign them to this email campaign. They will automatically be delivered pertinent emails at appropriate time intervals – until you convert them. It really can be that simple, especially with a CRM like IXACT Contact that has the drip email campaigns integrated into the system (we call them Activity Plans). You can assign each contact an Activity plan with one click.

The most complicated part of drip email campaigns is that there is no such thing as one that is one-size-fits-all. Your relationship with each contact will be different, and a young couple looking to buy their first home within 6 months should not be receiving the same emails as your past client who is going to be an empty-nester in 2 years and wanting to downsize. You have to assign them to different campaigns with different goals in mind. This can be a time-consuming task, that’s why at IXACT Contact we have already written nine different Activity Plans (yes, we said nine)! These can be used for a whole range of clients and their needs, allowing you to reap all the reward of a drip email campaign without it eating up all of your time. If you do want to create your own though, we let you do that too.

Real Estate is a relationship driven business, but it is also one that places multiple demands on your time at once. Drip email campaigns allow you to maintain the relationship, while giving you back some of your time. The best part? A properly created drip email campaign like those in IXACT Contact will result in more leads, more referrals, and more business. It’s a simple strategy that will deliver big results.

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