[NEWS RELEASE] EXIT Realty Metro Endorses IXACT Contact as Real Estate CRM of Choice

partnershipIXACT Contact is the real estate CRM chosen by EXIT Realty Metro to help their real estate agents stay organized, keep in touch, and drive more leads.

IXACT Contact is pleased to announce an exciting new corporate partnership with EXIT Realty Metro.  As one of the largest real estate brokerages in Nova Scotia, EXIT Realty Metro is a dominant force in Atlantic Canada.

The leadership team at EXIT Realty Metro is always searching for the best tools and systems to help their real estate agents achieve success. The company believes strongly in the power and value of a real estate CRM. Understanding that a good CRM will benefit both the individual agents and the brokerage as a whole, EXIT Realty Metro chose IXACT Contact over all other real estate CRM options.

“We believe that database management is the number one key to success for real estate agents. How you nurture and cultivate your database will determine your level of achievement as an Agent,” says Sterling Stephens, Broker of Record, and Linda Smardon Managing Associate Broker, EXIT Realty Metro, “We were seeking a real estate CRM system that is both user friendly and provides extraordinary customer service. That’s why we chose IXACT Contact as the preferred real estate CRM for our agents over all other CRMs.”

EXIT Realty Metro was impressed by IXACT Contact’s automated features including keep in touch call reminders, the monthly e-Newsletter, and email marketing capabilities.  Users enjoy the freedom and flexibility of staying in touch from anywhere on any device thanks to IXACT Contact’s new Mobile App.

“We’re delighted that EXIT Realty Metro selected IXACT Contact as its preferred real estate CRM and business partner,” says Rich Gaasenbeek, VP, Sales and Marketing, IXACT Contact, “EXIT Realty Metro is a vibrant, impressive brokerage dedicated to provide its real estate agents with valuable training and cutting edge tools, to equip their Agents for success. IXACT Contact is looking forward to working with the EXIT Realty Metro management team to help their agents grow their businesses through effective contact management and marketing.”

About IXACT Contact Solutions Inc.

IXACT Contact® is an easy to use cloud-based real estate CRM that helps Agents stay organized and build lasting relationships. The integrated solution offers three powerful elements including a real estate CRM, email marketing platform, and mobile-friendly Agent website all for one low price. With IXACT Contact, real estate agents can convert more leads into clients and attract more referrals and repeat business. Sign up for a free five-week trial today at https://ixactcontact.com.