In a Real Estate Marketing Funk? 10 Ways To Get Your Groove Back

real estate marketing funk

We can all get into a funk sometimes with our everyday lives – but nothing is worse than being in a funk with your real estate marketing. It can feel uninspired, repetitive and worst of all – produce a very weak ROI. We all need some creative energy in our lives, and sometimes to do […]

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Powerful Reasons for Selecting a Real Estate CRM for Your Entire Brokerage

Stop us if you’ve heard this before, but if your real estate brokerage doesn’t provide your agents with a world-class CRM – your competition will. This isn’t an earth-shattering statement here, but with agents traditionally viewing themselves as independent operators – they don’t like being forced to have a CRM they don’t see value from. […]

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What’s New in a Real Estate CRM?

Leading real estate CRM’s are the ultimate centralization solution for busy agents. Whether you want to watch your referral business grow, track important property and listing details or capture and nurture leads – it’s like having the best admin money can buy helping you with running your business. Let’s do a “State of the CRM” address […]

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5 Signs You Need a Real Estate CRM

CRM’s get discussed a lot within the business context, but sometimes the extent of knowledge only extends to that acronym. A CRM, or a Customer Relationship Management platform helps you improve your existing relationship, finds new prospective customers and tracks interactions with prospects and customers. It provides a holistic view of all of your touch […]

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4 Signs You Aren’t Using Your CRM to its Fullest Potential

Automated systems allow businesses to operate more efficiently, while improving their productivity and profitability. A real estate agent is no different than any other small business in the sense that you have sales targets and business objectives you want to achieve, a pipeline of leads and prospects you’re working on qualifying and converting, and a […]

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