How to Inject Creative Life Into Your Emails

How to Inject Creative Life Into Your Emails

We all need fresh inspiration from time to time in our lives. Whether it’s in our personal lives or our professional responsibilities, sometimes the monotony of routine can start to wear on you. The same goes for a marketing strategy, with email being the one marketing channel that can sometimes feel like a complete hit or miss.

Far too often marketing plans get stuck in a set-it-and-forget-it template and start to grow stagnant – and your ROI starts to suffer. Here are three areas in your email marketing where you can get creative as a real estate agent and inject your personality into how you communicate.


1. Throw a party

Let’s face it – everyone loves a party, even more so when they aren’t the ones hosting it. Client appreciation events do exactly what their name entails; they are for you to appreciate your clientele – while also looking to deepen your existing relationships. Hosting a party has all the makings of a creative angle for promoting it. Make sure you give yourself enough lead up time to let people know about your event, planning it and building your guest list. This allows for a series of emails to go out in a drip campaign hyping it up, and reminder emails as well.

Hint: Suggest that they “bring a friend” which will then allow you to add them to your database and expand your referral numbers for future follow-up.

Hey – the more the merrier!

2. Celebrate an Anniversary

Personalized email marketing is the trick to cutting through an overloaded inbox.

Whether it was a prospect you met two years ago, or a lifelong friend – people LOVE when they are remembered. The trick to doing this is to jot down any and every key point you had from their last conversation. Pick up on birthdays, wedding anniversaries, graduations and move-in anniversaries to log them into your CRM. It is truly unbelievable how far follow up on key dates like this can go, because it shows that you care and that you pay attention to the smaller details in their life.

It’s also an easy and mighty way to stay top of mind when they’re in the market for a real estate professional.

3. Host a Fundraiser

This pairs well with the party aspect, because people like to rally behind a fundraiser in their community that supports a great local cause.

You could:

  • Host a BBQ as a fundraiser and request attendees to donate old clothes.
  • Design a road hockey tournament with proceeds going towards sponsoring a youth sports team or club.
  • Volunteer you time serving at a local restaurant, with proceeds going to your preferred local charity.
  • Host a food truck event to raise money.
  • Plan a community bake sale to bring together the neighbourhood. All proceeds from the baked goods going to charity.

How to make your emails stand out

Now that we’ve outlined three ideas on what to base your email campaigns around, it’s time to breathe life into these emails. When looking to inject personality into your email marketing strategy, remember that it’s important to know your audience and tailor your content and messaging towards their proper segment. For instance, the email copy for a 25-year-old prospect won’t be the same as a 60-year-old newly retired couple – the message has to meet the demographic. This is why having a real estate CRM is crucial because it allows you to segment these different buyer personas and design drip campaigns to cater to the respective siloes.

Here are some tips to help make your message pierce through the screen.

Use GIFs

GIFs, or Graphics Interchange Format are image files that support both animated and static images. GIF’s are easy to consume, they catch your eye, and they have an emotional impact. Everyone has seen enough cat GIF’s flooding their social media, but remember, this type of media really resonates with the Millennial generation and could be hit or miss with an older demographic. It’s good to try new things – but make sure you know your audience will actually consume it.

More Visuals – Less Text  

Let your visuals tell the story and feed all of the information through them. Remember, visual content generates up to 94% more views on your posts – take advantage of what that statistic is telling you.

Film it

While video has long been seen as an expensive and time consuming marketing practice – the truth is that is doesn’t have to be. With IXACT Contact’s integration with BombBomb, you can easily record videos and insert them into your emails by filming with the video recorder directly in IXACT.

Try this: instead of typing everything you want to convey into an email, write it out as a script for yourself and film yourself on your computer! It’s a much more intimate and compelling way to personalize your message, and helps put a face behind your message.

No matter how creative you choose to get with your emails – all roads lead back to having a high-powered CRM to help you launch the campaign and measure its effectiveness.

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