[Infographic] Why Do Real Estate Agents Make So Much Commission?

Check out this great infographic (below) by Diggsy, a real estate search engine, and discover how real estate agents earn their commissions. Many people underestimate all the work Agents have to do on a daily basis and/ or believe (wrongly so) that agents are overpaid. This is a good one to share on your social networks (share buttons are at the end of this blog post)!

We particularly like the blurb at the bottom of the infographic: “Selling your home is one of the biggest transactions you will ever be involved in. Trust a professional, knowledgeable real estate agent to handle it. You might think the real estate commission is a lot to pay but for such an important transaction, it is well worth it.”

Remember that with a real estate contact management software, you’ll be able to make sure nothing falls through the cracks (and no detail is missed) when listing and closing a home.

Infographic explaining how real estate agents earn their commissions